Essential Tools To Run a 7+ Figure Amazon Business


Essential Tools

These are the tools that I consider crucial in running my Amazon business.

1. AmzTracker

AmzTracker has evolved quite quickly to be an all in one tool where you can:

  1. Keep track of keyword ranks and sales ranks (works well)
  2. There’s a review club where you can offer your products in exchange for reviews. This works sometimes but there are people that abuse the system by getting your products for review and then listing it on your page or on eBay
  3. SuperURL Tool. This tool has gotten buggy for some reason in recent weeks and it doesn’t redirect people properly
  4. Sales tracking. This works well only if the competitor has less than 1,000 units.



2. FeedbackGenius

Automatic feedback follow up system for your Amazon sales. Use it to educate your customers, ask for feedback and reviews.

They have a cool feature now too where you can automatically send a follow up message only to people that left a good seller feedback review. Powerful stuff.

3. InventoryLab or an Inventory Management System

These guys have made the most popular inventory management software for Amazon. I did use InventoryLab for a while but I have concerns that all of my data (which includes costs, profit, etc.) was going there too and for this reason, decided to develop an inhouse system instead which seems to be quite common among $1M+ sellers according to a survey of Amazon sellers.

Some good alternatives include Monsoon Commerce, Seller Cloud, LinnWorks.


Optional Tools

These tools are not necessary but nice to have.

Jungle Scout

This is an additional tool which is convenient for spying on competitors and saves a good deal of time. For arbitrage sellers, Profit Bandit and Scan Power is also quite popular.


This is a nice shipping tool to have if you do merchant fulfilled orders or you have your own Shopify store.

Tax Jar

Most Amazon sellers don’t bother with state sales taxes. If you decide to register for state taxes, then Tax Jar is a good deal.


If you’re an international FBA seller like me, you’ll need to have a “physical address” in the US. The guys at TravelMailbox are super responsive. I get all of my bank statements, insurance correspondence (I have general liability insurance), legal and accounting letters sent there and scanned.



Amazon is suppose to reimburse you when certain conditions are met but of course they never do this consistently so it’s up to the sellers to dig the data out. If you’re too lazy, you can use RefundsManager. I personally think that the 25% fee of refunds they charge is a rip off. Instead, I have my VAs go through something similar to the process described here on reddit: Part 1 | Part 2

Advertising Tools

I like to use Facebook Advertising to boost sales on Amazon as well as my Shopify store front.


I use this tool to integrate FB Lead Ads to my email system. It integrates with most of the main autoresponders and CRMs.

Email Marketing

Having an email list is essential. I prefer Infusionsoft. If you’re just starting out, Mailchimp or Aweber will more than suffice.


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