ActiveCampaign Pricing and Review

ActiveCampaign Pricing

Pricing for using ActiveCampaign depends on how many contacts you have, the features you want and whether you’re paying monthly versus annually:

ActiveCampaign Pricing

ActiveCampaign Overview

For your eCommerce business to have a high probability of growing and being successful, your sales and marketing needs to be on point.

You need to know each and every potential customer visiting your website, checking out your ads or email marketing like the back of your hand to ensure your eCommerce success.

That means you have built a great customer experience journey and meaningful connections with your customer. ActiveCampaign does just that by uncovering every step of your sales process. 

The first feature that is extremely helpful with ActiveCampaign is breaking your sales into 5 stages. That enables you to better visualize what stage your potential customers are and what are the action they need to take in order to move to the next stage of the funnel.

The five stages of the funnel are:

  1. Cold lead
  2. Marketing qualified leads
  3. Sales qualified leads
  4. Started trial
  5. Paying user

ActiveCampaign has an automation sequence that moves clients to the different stages so you don’t have to do it manually.

Activecampaign also has a lead scoring system for each of the five stages and makes it easy to set up KPI’s for marketing and sales. Cold leads have a score below 7 points, marketing-qualified leads have a score between 7-14 and sales-qualified leads have a score above 14 points.

Points are automatically applied when the customer either opens a marketing email, uses a coupon, registers for a webinar and so on.

The scores allows you to see who has been engaging with your brand and who is not. This is a powerful way to enable you to use different messaging with your audience through segmentation.

Depending on the vertical/niche you are in, you may have different marketing strategies. For instance, the funnel if you are selling products for an individual (B2C) is not the same as selling to a company (B2B).

ActiveCampaign allows you to build different pipelines for different deals you have.

The four available templates are: enterprise leads, startup leads, agency leads, SMB leads (small and medium size leads).

The task feature on ActiveCampaign notifies you the necessary follow-ups for each lead. You can easily assign these tasks to your sales team or knock them out yourself. If your product or serve is global or even in opposite coasts within the US, assigning task based on your employees geographic location makes sense.

What strategies does Activecampaign use to to move potential customers to move them to the different stages of the sales funnel?

  1. Marketing automation

You can automate your marketing with ActiveCampaign by setting up short-term and long-term nurturing sequences. The short term sequences focuses on educational based marketing, making leads familiar with your brand, posts, webinars. Once they have completed the short term nurture, each lead will move on to the long term nurturing sequence where you check up on leads every 3, 6 or 12 month to keep the relationship going and make sure they do not forget about us.

Based on the lead score discussed above, the goal of our marketing automation is to move each lead to the next stage of the funnel based on their score and focus more time of the qualified leads to convert them into buying customers.

2. Split testing sequence emails and reports

 Every marketer knows creating good results always come down to testing and optimizing. With ActiveCampaign, you can setup multiple emails and test which workflow is performing better. 

You can also see the reports of your email marketing to find out what time your leads open their emails. So next time you send an email marketing, you are not just guessing. Simply add “waits” in your marketing automation sequence to send your emails just at the right time.

3. Personalization at its finest 

Get ahead of your competition by making each interrelation with your customer more personal. People are more likely to return to brands they feel like they have a connection and speak to them directly. Whether that is through product suggestion, using email headers with their first and last name, you must connect with each customer on a personal level. ActiveCampaign offers certain features to make personalization very easy. 

Using conditional content

ActiveCampaign’s conditional content features allows you to setup personalized emails using rules such as “If contact’s organisation type = agency, display X, otherwise display Y’”. By using this feature, you can increase your response rate by 44% and make each interaction more personal.

Sending email with different subject line and using smart follow-up emails

ActiveCampaign can tell you who opened your marketing email. This allows you to send a second round of email to those who haven’t opened your round 1 marketing. However, this time you will change the subject line to capture the remaining of your audience.

In the same manner, if someone opens your email and doesn’t click through your offer( providing you have a clear call to action on all your emails), it means you caught their attention with your headline but your offer was not attractive enough. The follow up email can either contain a better offer or you can simply ask for feedback to create a better offer for other leads.

You can start your free trial of ActiveCampaign here.

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