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Generative AI

The amount of progress that’s made in this space is pretty exciting, especially with generative AI. It’s an area worth carefully keeping a close eye on. A lot of innovations that I’ll be listing below are based on either Open AI’s GPT-3 (text generation), DALL-E (images and videos), Stability’s Stable Diffusion and MidJourney. You can read more about generative AI from NFX’s post and Sequoia. If you’re just getting started, you can also check out “AI For Everyone” from Coursera.

Early Use Cases

There’s also a rapidly growing ecosystem that is being built on top of these AI engines. For example, is a business that’s built on top of GPT-3. It went from launch to a billion dollar business in the space of 18 months.

You can read about their story here.

I’ve been using Jasper for both writing articles (e.g. for affiliate marketing) and generating images. If you’re looking to generate a lot of images, whether for blogging or producing books, Jasper Art is $20 per month.

It’s easy to see where the value for Jasper comes in.

Imagine creating full content pieces for variations of best coffee grinder, top coffee grinder for Brazilian coffee, best coffee grinder for decaf coffee, top coffee grinder reviews.

These are money keywords and for ecommerce sites selling these, it’s worth paying SEO agencies a lot of money to produce this content.

We’re getting to a stage where just one writer can create the content of say 5 or 10 people by using these tools.

It does make me wonder how good Google will get at discerning AI generated articles over time and how much value Google will be able to offer its users given how much brands with big budgets spend currently to manipulate search results. I imagine AI will get harder to detect while Google will get better at identifying them.

Either way, generative AI will dramatically increase the explosion of content that gets created and that content will be more and more indistinguishable from what “people create”. We’re only at the beginning and the progression will be exponential, not linear.

As it currently stands, a preview of what stable diffusion is able to do.

Meta also has a tool that allows you to generate videos from prompts.

If you’re interested in getting started, check out Dreamstudio and Dreambooth. You can use Lexica for some prompt ideas. There’s also a prompt tutorial.

AI Generated Image Trained with 15 Pics

A List of Cool AI tools:

  • GravityAI — Production ready AI models
  • JasperAI — For writing and generating images
  • Bardeen — Automate repetitive browser tasks
  • OpenAI for Coda — Make your own templates using custom prompts. They also have a nice library of educational content and nice document list.
  • Cogram — Create meeting notes and action items
  • Explain Paper — Upload a paper, highlight confusing text, get an explanation.
  • Mem — Self organizing workspace
  • Murf — Text to Speech
  • WordTune — Say exactly what you mean
  • Headlime — Headlines
  • AdCreatives — Conversion focused ad & social creatives
  • TextCortex — Marketing Copy
  • Typefully — Twitter Thread Maker & Analytics. They’ve just introduced Vesper AI writing tool for Twitter feedback & ideas
  • InferKit — A web interface and API for AI-based text generators
  • Murf — Text to Voice (AI Voice Generator)
  • Talk To Books — Browse passages from books using experimental AI (Google)
  • Magician — Add on for Figma (Canva has its own built in version)

It’ll be interesting to see how generative AI evolves. Take gaming, for example. Nvidia’s Magic3D allows high-resolution text to 3D content creation.

Sonya Huang, a partner at Sequoia Capital, asks, “What if gaming was generated by anything your brain could imagine, and the game just develops as you go?”

Generative AI Prompt Engineering

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