Automation Plugins and Goodies


Automation Plugins and Integrations

To make the most out of Infusionsoft, check out some cool Automation plugins here.

If you would like help with custom Infusionsoft integrations and plugins, you can find out more about my InfusionSoft Consulting Services.

Lead Source Form

Track where the lead came from and assign it to any Infusionsoft field.

Purchase here.

Video Tagging Script + Installation

Do you want to know when your contacts have watched a video?

If so, this script is for you.

This script will allow you to deliver videos to your recipient after they’ve watched your video.

For example, you can tag them as soon as they start the video (“Started Video”), watched 70% (“Watched 70% of Video 1”), all of it (“Completed Video 1”)and so on inside of InfusionSoft.

You can then set up your campaign inside of InfusionSoft so that once your contact has watched Video X, they get Email X or create a custom sequence depending on whether they’re watched a particular video.

This can be useful if you want your prospect to see your sales pitch only after they’ve watched all or some of your videos for example. You can adjust the timing of when your recipient will see your emails based on whether they’re watched the videos.

Learn More About Infusionsoft Video Tagging


Automated Direct Mail and Fulfillment


Do you want to incorporate DVDs, postcards, letters or even books into your funnel? This is where you can really set yourself apart and do something different.

Some speakers send out DVDs upon registration to their website, fully automated with Infusionsoft.

Others like to prequalify their prospects first inside of Infusionsoft before sending out direct mail.

You can definitely play around with different options and find the best way to make it work for you!


Lead Source Information Script


Are you driving your leads from AdWords to an Opt-In Page? If so, you can record information about which AdWords campaign the contact came from, what keywords they used, whether it was Display or Search, and so on.

So long as they came from AdWords (as opposed to Organic where you will likely see “not provided”), you will always know which keyword sent them there (if it’s from a search).

Information such as keyword, campaign, source (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Referral) would be captured on your contact’s information

Although not entirely necessary, it’s better if you’re using Google Analytics for this to work and you will need to update your AdWords campaign in order for this to work.

You can then use InfusionSoft and figure out exactly which campaign of yours is performing profitably.

Please fill out the consultation form here if you would like to purchase any of these.

If you would like to implement this yourself, you can learn how to install lead tracking on Infusionsoft here.


WordPress Automatic Redirector Plugin for Affiliates

This plugin allow you to redirect users.

The difference with other redirectors is that you can pass through different parameters to track your marketing activities.

Let’s say that the affiliate link is set up as:

Now you want to advertise that product directly but you don’t know which keyword is generating all of your revenue.

One option would be to advertise the affiliate link directly:

Another option would be to use your own WordPress website to redirect links automatically.

You can set up the link such that:

What happens is that if someone clicks on the above link, it will automatically redirect to with the keyword parameter automatically appended.

This is an unlimited license so you can install the plugin on as many sites as you like.

Price: $97.00

Purchase Now


Digital Access Pass (DAP) Infusionsoft WordPress Plugin


Would you like to use DAP as your shopping cart? If so, this plugin is for you. At the moment, DAP will only allow you to use Infusionsoft as your shopping cart, not the other way around. If you would like to handle your purchases through DAP, then this plugin is for you. You will be able to take advantage of the new merchant integrations that are available including with Stripe and The plugin will allow you to:

  • Tag contacts and run action sets when they’ve made a purchase
  • Update custom fields after they’ve made a purchase
  • Modify a lifetime customer value filled so that you can keep track of how much a customer has spend with you
  • Tag contacts and run action sets when they’ve cancelled a subscription

Please note that this is plugin is currently in beta. To be notified about the plugin, please sign up here:

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