Infusionsoft’s most powerful weapon: Direct Mail

Most Infusionsoft users don’t know the ways that they can use direct mail automatically¬†in their campaigns. You can automatically incorporate the following (and more) into your sequences:

  • Books
  • DVDs/CDs
  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Gifts
  • Order fulfilment

Let’s say that you’re a best selling author and you train people on how to make money in real estate and that your customer value is pretty high — say around $7,500 per person. That means you probably don’t need to qualify people before you send direct mail. What you want to do is send your best selling physical real estate book immediately after opt in. Well, that can be done pretty easily:

Infusionsoft Direct Mail Integration
Infusionsoft Direct Mail Integration

The left is an opt in form which allows people to enter their name, email, and address.

Direct Mail Opt In Form
Direct Mail Opt In Form

You can add other fields such as phone numbers if you like.

What some authors, coaches and speakers do is get the name and email address first, and then ask for the address details in the next step. They figure the resistance to getting the postal address is higher (even if the book is free) so get the email address first so that we can remind them to enter their postal address later. We can do that also in Infusionsoft:

What this does is it captures just the name and email address and then it redirects them to the next form (or nice looking web page that hosts your physical address form) to capture the prospect’s address. If they fill out the “Entered Address” form, they automatically skip the “Email but No Address” sequence.

If they for some reason do not submit their postal address, the “Email but No Address” sequence can wait an hour or a day (for example) before you send out a reminder email:

Send Reminder Email
Send Reminder Email


Now we want to actually deliver the physical book which will happen in this sequence:


Delivery Physical Book
Delivery Physical Book


From the Infusionsoft end, it’s pretty straight forward. We just send out an HTTP Post (a message) to the service that’s going to fulfil the order:


Fulfil the Order
Fulfil the Order with HTTP Post


Typically, there’s not going to be an out of the box integration that will allow Infusionsoft to communicate directly with the fulfilment house so what you’ll need to do is use an intermediary service. What I usually do is custom create that service so that:

Infusionsoft -> tells intermediary service about the order -> Intermediary service sends that order to -> fulfilment house -> fulfilment house delivers to your customer

This will send order details (what book, the address etc.) to the fulfilment house.

In some cases, that intermediary service has already been created. For example, if you use SendOutCards to send postcards, then FixYourFunnel can act as the service between Infusionsoft and SendOutCards.

If you send orders manually to a direct mail house, then you can just have an email sent out to them automatically each time a request is made or do it in batches:

Send Out Order
Fulfllment List
Fulfilment List

And you can customize what details the fulfilment house can see:

Customize CSV
Customize Your CSV


There you have it. Now you know how to incorporate direct mail into your Infusionsoft sequences.

Let’s say that you would like to qualify your prospects first before you send them something by direct mail.

You can watch this to see how you might qualify people based on the videos that they’ve watched. Using video tagging, you can offer only prospects that have watched 1,2,3 or all of your videos your free DVD, book, and so on. If they’ve watched all of your videos, that’s usually a pretty good sign that they’re interested in what you have to offer. You can also potentially send them to a blog post and set a timer on your page so that if they stayed on your page for 10 minutes, that gets tagged in Infusionsoft.

You can also send them a questionnaire and depending on their responses, determine what you’d like to send them. You can ask, “Are you a first home buyer?” with the following options:


-No, I own my own home

-No, I own several properties

If they choose, “Yes”, you can send them your First Home Buyers Guide.

If they choose, “No, I own my own home”, send a guide on how they can Renovate their Property.

If they choose, “No, I own several properties”, send them a guide about how they can Manage their Properties.

Real Estate Survey
Real Estate Survey

You can also use direct mail to after purchase as well. If they purchase a book from you on Day 1, you can have a supplementary CD automatically go out on Day 14 as a bonus. And then on Day 20, you can offer a highly customized up sell which is sent out automatically using Infusionsoft.

It can be something like, “I hope you enjoyed your real estate book and CD. If you would like to take your real estate knowledge to the next level, I’ve a seminar running and I think you’d really like it. Since you’ve already got my book and CD, you can secure 50% off by going to[customer’s name]

They can go to a personalised URL (PURL) and enter a promotional code to get their discount.

Another option is if you run any kind of course, you can send online tests which if they complete successfully tells Infusionsoft to send out their course certificate (something which I’ve noticed customers really love).

Hopefully you can see the many different ways that you can start using Direct Mail with Infusionsoft. So what are you waiting for? See how you can use direct mail in your business!

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3 thoughts on “Infusionsoft’s most powerful weapon: Direct Mail”

  1. Great article! I wanted to make sure you didn’t leave out our Direct Mail Manager App for Infusionsoft! We have 100s of Infusionsoft users automating their direct mail using a simple HTTP Post and have great success! We made automated direct mail simple!

  2. Thanks Rui for a great article – I’ve been trawling the internet for a couple of days now trying to figure out the practical set up of a campaign that allows me to personalise postcards (a simple, “Hi Dave” and then a generic message), including a personalised URL at the bottom.

    Your post mentions a couple of services I can use with InfusionSoft to manage the DM side of the project, but to be honest, I’m new to InfusionSoft and right now, that seems a little daunting. I would love your advice on what I’m trying to do with the postcards/services to use, if you could spare 2 minutes.

  3. Hi Rui,

    This is a great article and thank you for pointing out that Infusionsoft can trigger direct mail along with email and other channels. Postalytics has recently published our Infusionsoft integration using the HTTP Post method. This will enable customers to trigger multiple types of postcards and letters from Automations. You can learn more here:

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