Facebook Ads and Apple iOS 14

Facebook Advertising and iOS 14
Facebook Newspaper Ad. Source: Facebook

There’s a war between Apple and Facebook. This is nothing new — tech giants battle each other all the time. The expectation is for Apple to win this.

This one though will have some major implications for Facebook advertisers.

Here are the main points that you need to know:

  • Reporting is going to be more messed up
  • There will be reporting delays of up to 3 days
  • Attribution & tracking will be less accurate and incomplete
  • Attribution window will change to 7 days, instead of 28
  • The impact of this will make Facebook less effective at targeting
  • This is not only affecting Facebook but also Pinterest, Snapchat etc.

Here are some steps to take:

  • Use FB’s conversion API
  • Verify your domain on FB
  • Consolidate events if you have more than 8 and prioritize the important events
  • Use a marketing attribution tool like Segmetrics to understand the true impact of Facebook and Instagram’s ads on your sales funnel.


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