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Facebook has recently released a new lead ads feature which is really great.

I didn’t get very good results initially but after further testing, I have managed to get leads at €0.12 per opt-in. So I am definitely a convert.


Part of the reason they work so well is that they stay within the Facebook Ecosystem (rather than going to an external landing page) and their information is prefilled.

Leads ads are super easy to set up. You will need to set up your campaign with “Lead Generation” as the objective.



You won’t be able to advertise to Desktop anymore with this campaign, only to the Mobile Newsfeed. You don’t need to have an opt-in or squeeze page, just a privacy policy page.




The biggest issue with the Lead Ads is that it doesn’t integrate with any CRM. Instead, you have to dig up the information (go to the Facebook page that the ad is connected to, click on Publishing Tools, then Forms Library, then you can see the lists) and then export the results as a CSV file. So I’ve been exporting them daily and then manually importing them into Infusionsoft. Kind of annoying since I want users to receive their first email immediately rather than wait until the end of day.


So, I’ve developed Leads Ads Integrator. This will automatically place your leads from Facebook into Infusionsoft as soon as the user opts in. You will be able to choose the specific Infusionsoft form to link the FB ad to. I’m also adding some the ability to tag users too shortly based on teh FB ad.


This application is currently in beta mode and invitation only. To request access, please Request An Invite.

1 thought on “Facebook Lead Ads Integrator”

  1. Very cool. We’ve developed something similar in-house using Zapier, and know moved to full API implementation.

    Now with the desktop lead ads, we want to use the lead ads to actually register users (we take the lead data from FB API and register the user via the client’s API).

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