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How to Get 10K Emails using Facebook - Rui Zhi Dong

How to Get 10K Emails using Facebook

Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com (very highly recommended by the way! I listen to his stuff all of the time) puts this up on Twitter:


Andrew Warner Mixergy Screenshot

Andrew Warner Mixergy


He shows how he got 33 emails by using SplashPost.com with $3.27. Anyway, I responded on Twitter that he should be able to get a lot more emails (10K to be specific) if he used FB the right way.

If you take a look at Mixergy’s Facebook Page, you’ll see that he’s got 6.5K fans but little engagement (49 “talking about this”).


FB Screenshot of Mixergy

FB Screenshot of Mixergy


Optimizing Existing Facebook Page

The first thing that Andrew could do is start posting more. Right now the posts are coming sporadically and that’s part of the reason why only 49 people are engaging. In order to keep your Facebook community alive and engaged, you should be posting regularly. I suggested to Andrew that he (or one of his staff) should be posting at least every other day — with questions, with new interviews, with interesting facts — and see what works well. This will start driving a lot more qualified traffic to Mixergy.

You’ll also see that there are only links to photos and likes at top of Mixergy’s FB Page. That’s a wasted opportunity. Savvy FB marketers will put an opt in app at the top also so that users can actually sign up with their name and email address. Aweber have this part done right (putting Twitter up is great also if Twitter’s a part of your online marketing).


Aweber FB Page

Aweber FB Page


Pressing on the “Free Email Tips & Tricks” image or “Sign Up” text link will take you to a page (below) which will allow you to sign up with your name and email. The mistake Aweber makes is that “Free Email Tips & Tricks” just doesn’t sound very enticing. If they offered a free email course or ebook entitled, “7 Ways to Build Your Email List” or something along those lines, I bet they could get a lot more sign ups.

In Andrew’s case, if he put an opt in box that said “This Interview Will Change Your Life” or something to that effect, that’s one place where he can start getting emails without paying an extra penny. And then posting regularly will drive more “free” traffic. He could also post offers every now and then: “Learn how Jane Doe went from $0 to $52 million in 7 Years” which goes to a Mixergy Squeeze page, gets your name and email first and then you get to watch (a portion?) of the interview. If these posts do well, then Andrew could promote these kinds of posts and drive even more traffic.

Back to Aweber’s page, after you press the link, you will the following page:


Aweber Opt In Page

Aweber Opt In Page


Aweber could’ve used FB’s standard form which I actually prefer because it pre-fills the fields meaning people can sign up with literally ONE click. However, if you have a nice design, it can be better to use your own form.

In any case, having the app on your FB Page is a simple but powerful method to build your email list.


Facebook Advertising

Another method is through Facebook advertising.There aren’t many people who are taking advantage FB advertising to build their email list.


In some instances, you can get emails for literally a few cents per email. Of course, depending on what field you’re in, that’s likely to vary. Generally the more competitive the field, the more you pay per email. My cost of acquiring some of the same emails in Google Adwords are literally 10 – 50x higher than what I pay for in FB. By taking advantage of FB Advertising, you can really drive your email list and get hundreds of emails a day. Note that the customers you target using PPC are generally closer to making a purchase than they are with FB. In other words, the lead time is generally longer but if you have a good funnel/back end, it’s very profitable indeed.

The cheapest FB option is the little known FB search. The only problem with FB sponsored search is that it’s difficult to get good volume since not too many people use it. But people are using it more and it’s definitely worth trying as this is the only place where you can get emails for $0.01 or $0.02. What is FB search?

Everyday, many people on Facebook use our search to find people, places, and things. We want to help them better find and discover the brands, products, and experiences relevant to them. Sponsored Results gives brands the ability to buy ads in search results, bringing more awareness and traffic to your App, Page, or Place. Sponsored Results give you:

1. Expanded distribution of your message, with placement in one of the most used features on Facebook.

2. The ability to target what people are looking for, by appearing alongside related Apps, Pages, and Places.

3. Flexibility to customize your landing destination, such as a specific tab on your Page.

Brands are not able to drive offsite using this product, but you will have the ability to drive to specific Pages, Tabs, and Canvas Applications.

The main way to advertise with FB is with display advertising and advertising posts.

Come up with a nice and enticing ad which targets people in your niche and drive them to an FB fan gate. It’s better to target people that are likely to be interested in your field so Andrew could target people that have liked “Start Ups” for instance. You can set up display campaigns for each interests and see which ones are most likely to engage and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Here’s a really nice example from Jon Loomer of how a Fan Gate can look.


Jon Loomer Fan Gate

Jon Loomer Fan Gate


After you “Like” his page, then you see this:

Jon FB Opt In

Jon FB Opt In

After you have liked the page, you have an opportunity to get this cool eBook with just an email address. Very smart way to build your email list. You can start small with these campaigns and see what your cost of opt in is and get a feel for volume.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

The Original Tweets

The Original Tweets

  • Andrew Warner
    April 10, 2013

    I’m still working on this.

    If it takes me much longer, I’d love to take you up on the offer to talk.

  • Rui Zhi
    April 11, 2013

    Fantastic, Andrew — just let me know!

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