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This is the page for you if you’re looking for Infusionsoft Alternatives. Perhaps the kickstarter fee of $2,000 is too much at the moment; you want to just consider other options aside from Infusionsoft; or you heard the Infusionsoft is really confusing and you just want something that’s simple to use.

I’ll go through the different players in the market starting from the lower pricing point and then going up.

Low End

At the lower end (which doesn’t allow much automation), you have the following email service providers:

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • MadMimi
  • iContact

These providers generally range from free to $50 per month (unless you have 10,000+ contacts).

If you all you need to do is send monthly newsletters, implement a simple autoresponder sequence, then any of the companies listed above will more than suffice.

I personally prefer GetResponse.

Another player in the market which I didn’t hear about until a year ago is ActiveCampaign. They allow some marketing automation which is pretty cool and they’re priced on the lower end. They’ve got some work to do though on reporting stats but otherwise, a fairly good service to use.

Medium End

This is Infusionsoft’s sweet spot — small business, speakers, coaches, consultants, real estate agents. Under 10 employees, under a few millions dollars in revenue. People that have outgrown their painful Aweber + 1Shoppingcart bandage solution and want to start automating their business.

The only real alternative in this space here is Ontraport. Compared to Infusionsoft, they provide a great value proposition (there’s no $2,000 kickstarter fee).

In terms of capabilities, Ontraport feels like it would be 5 years behind. But the truth is that after having gone to Infusioncon, most users aren’t taking advantage of the advanced capabilities of Infusionsoft anyway. I’d say 80% of the Infusionsoft users I met could use any of the email service providers I’ve listed on the lower end and achieve the same results.

Ultimately if you think that you’ll actually use and benefit from Infusionsoft’s capabilities, then go with Infusionsoft. You can read my Infusionsoft Review to get an idea of what kind of automation benefits you can get. To make the most out of Infusionsoft, you’ll need to dedicate time to get around the learning curve or pay someone else to implement for you. If you take the latter route, realistically you’d be looking at a total initial cost of much more than $2,000 (the kickstarter fee) if the consultant has any idea what he/she is doing.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to fork over the time and money, Ontraport is a reasonable alternative.

Higher End

On the higher end, the main players in the market are:

  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Pardot

These guys target mid to enterprise level companies for marketing automation. Marketo is making a good bit of headway after Eloqua got acquired by Oracle.

Other mentions: Hubspot, Act On


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