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IF you’re like most small businesses, you’re probably starting to realize that you’re not using Infusionsoft to maximise your business revenues and automate your marketing activities. You see, Infusionsoft seems a lot like a confusing cockpit to most business owners that simply don’t have the time to figure everything out. But that confusion masks a very powerful system which has the ability to literally replace the jobs of 5 employees through automation and enable you to take your business to the next level. To allow Infusionsoft to take you there, it takes a combination of intelligent marketing strategy combined with knowing what’s possible technically. Being expert in only one or the other just ain’t enough to give you that exponential growth. That’s where I can help you.

If you would like to take advantage of the full power of Infusionsoft and start completely automating your business today, we should talk. You see, what’s the point of having a powerful CRM like Infusionsoft if you’re only sending out newsletters every now and then? (If you haven’t purchased Infusionsoft yet, you can send me an email rui @ for a free demo or read my Infusionsoft Review) Don’t get bogged down with the technical details, figuring out how to implement all of the moving pieces, testing and searching around endlessly on the internet for a solution. Instead, I can help you implement everything you need under one roof properly and get you there faster — everything from design to implementation to strategy. Whether you would like advanced Infusionsoft training to make you more efficient or you just want to get the job done, I will help you get the job done.

One on One Infusionsoft Consulting and Implementation

I can do all of the work for you and just let Infusionsoft automate your marketing tasks. We’ll need to get on the phone/Skype first and have you explain your requirements. I will then tell you how this can be implemented in IS and then you can do it yourself or I can do it for you. We can also talk about your business and ways that Infusionsoft can improve your revenue or bottom line. There are a lot of things Infusionsoft can do which you probably aren’t aware of and even more you can do with its API. For example, you can customize your upsell page so that it looks at what your customers have purchased already and upsell items they have not yet purchased. You can tag contacts based on whether they’ve watched a video. You can automatically retarget on Facebook contacts that have been through a particular sequence. As someone that runs high 6-figure language websites, I am always looking for ways to improve and optimize my marketing. I can help you do the same. I can also train you up with an intensive one-on-one so you can do all of these things yourself (these are recorded so that you can rewatch them in your own time). If you leave in Europe, I may even be able to train you up in person.

Custom Infusionsoft Programming

Do you need specific applications to communicate with Infusionsoft? Perhaps you want to integrate Infusionsoft with your call centre application or something you use with your sales rep. Maybe you just need certain data to be passed back on forth. Whatever your requirements, just let me know using the form below and I’ll get back to you within 12 hours. Infusionsoft Consulting Summary of Services

  • 1-Click Upsells and Downsells with Infusionsoftand Third Party Payment Processors (e.g. Stripe, DigitalAccessPass)
  • One Time Offers and Expiring Offers (e.g. Frank’s 4 day cash machine)
  • Lead capture strategies and Lead tracking
  • Automated Sales Funnel and Split Testing Different Sequences
  • Automated Teleseminars and Webinars
  • Automated Direct Mail and Survey Funnels
  • One on One Infusionsoft training
  • Set up, configure, implement and manage campaigns
  • Create landing pages for sales campaigns
  • Effective and highly targeted copywriting for email and landing pages
  • Setup and management Infusionsoft store/ecommerce
  • Setup and management of Membership program (both custom and iMember360, CustomerHub, Kajabi, etc.)
  • Integration into WordPress and other platforms
  • Monthly Infusionsoft Maintenance Services
  • Custom WordPress/Infusionsoft plugins to meet your needs
  • Custom API programming for Infusionsoft

Cost and Next Steps

My hourly rate is US $1000. I have very limited capacity. To purchase a 1 Hour Consult, just Click Here

After that, you will be able to see my calendar and book in a time that’s convenient for you. In our initial call we’ll talk about your business and we can improve it. You’ll either find the call extremely valuable or you get your money back. If you’re ready to grow your business using Infusionsoft, let’s talk

Start the Conversation and See How I Can Help You

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1 thought on “Infusionsoft Consulting for Small Business Owners”

  1. Greetings. My name is Ferris Martinez. I work for a company called Art2life LLC. We currently use Infusionsoft as our CRM application.

    We want to start using the referral partner center within Infusionsoft. Our issue, however, is that the referral partner center, as it exists now, is not user friendly in any way, especially for those users who are not the most tech savvy, which describes a good portion of our audience.

    Just to err on the side of specificity, I have put together a little vide outlining what we are trying to achieve with our referral partner center:

    We are very serious about moving forward with this, and would love to have some guidance in terms of how to achieve what we are looking for. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried leaving this response on the consulting page, but I kept getting an error saying that I needed to click the captcha, which i did not see anywhere on the page.

    Best, Ferris

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