Infusionsoft Scoring System (Lead Flames)

One question people ask a lot is how to score their prospects and how to collect that data.


The first step to take is by trying to collect actionable data. It’s best to track user activities that would demonstrate a “hot” prospect. When you think about implementing a scoring system, you should ask yourself:

“What activity does the user need to take to indicate that they’re interested?”

If the user clicks on a sales link in your email, this will indicate some interest.

If the user has clicked on the sales link and also watched your pitch video (yes – we can track whether users watched a video), this indicates a hotter prospect. We can add flames in Infusionsoft for these kinds of activities and potentially assign them a higher amount of points.

We can also use this data to customize our messaging — the email copy (and potentially web copy and video if you’re willing to take it that far) as well as the timing (when to send user messages).

For instance, if they click on the buy button on your sales page (but they don’t proceed to purchase), you can send them follow up reminder emails to complete the purchase (and you can also take this opportunity to reiterate the benefits of purchasing).

You can also try a time limited bonus stacking. If you purchase within the next two days, you’ll also get X,Y and Z as well!

Generally, the greater the effort the user takes in doing something, the more likely it is that they’re a good prospect. They can also demonstrate this just by watching something for a long time. For instance, if they watched an entire 6-hour webinar marathon (like John Assaraf runs on Saturdays on autopilot using Infusionsoft), that’s a pretty good indication that the prospect is interested (and ready to buy).

You don’t need to assign points only to items that lead directly to a sale. There are also indirect activities which can also assist a sale and in these cases, I would still assign some points. These include materials that the users would value, the subject is in someway related to the final product, and would help in their decision in purchasing.

If the activity is directly related to the sale of the final product — e.g. if they clicked on the pitch page — then it would make sense to assign more points for these kind of activities.

Setting Up Flames in Infusionsoft

You can assign the total amount of points it takes to reach 5 flames (e.g. 20 points) in Infusionsoft and then assign points to individual activities.

The user can click on an article link which you wrote and is relevant to your offer because it demonstrates your expertise in the product that you are selling. In this line of reasoning, you decide that this activity deserves +1 point. The user stays on the page for 5 minutes. That gets another +2 points.

The user clicks on your sales link and then stays on the sales page for over 10 minutes. The clicking of the sales link gets +2 points and staying on the sales pages gets +3 points. This so far gets the user a total of 8 points (out of 20 points). That won’t get the user to a full five flames.

You can decide that these activities alone actually are worth the full 5 flames and then you can reassign the points accordingly. Or, you can determine that they’ll need to do some more things like have a phone conversation with one of your sales rep, fill out a survey, and so on.

You can also set points to expire or stay forever.My personal preference is to set points to expire after a month but everyone has a different opinion on that. If people engaged with you a year ago and haven’t done much with you since then, there’s a good chance that they’ve forgotten about you. In our hyper busy lives and email-cluttered inboxes, it’s easy to forget even within a few weeks. So, I don’t think it’s a good idea to set the points to never expire. The reality is that you’ll need to re-engage them if they haven’t done much with you.
To set the flames itself in Infusionsoft, just go to CRM -> Settings.
Then click on “Scores”
Infusionsoft Scores
Edit the details
Edit Infusionsoft Flames Score
This is where you can assign individual tags points.

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