Infusionsoft Training: Video Sequencing and Video Tagging

Send videos to your contacts when they’re ready to see them!

In this short Infusionsoft tutorial, I show you how to set up a campaign from the time a contact opts in to receiving three videos and finally a sales pitch.

Most autoresponder sequences these days go something like this:

Opt in form -> Send Video 1 -> Wait a few days -> Send Video 2 -> Wait a few days -> Send Video 3 -> Wait a few days…

Now Commence Super Spamming Sequence and Send the Same Offer A Million Times Until They Buy

You may have experienced this yourself.

Now with Infusionsoft, you can send out the rest of the videos after they’ve watched the video you’ve sent them.

Opt in form -> Send Video 1

-> IF Watched Video 1 -> Send Video 2

-> IF Watched Video 2 -> Send Video 3

-> IF Watched Video 3 -> Send Pitch Email

If you do it this way, your lead’s going to be much more receptive to you and more likely to purchase than if you keep hammering them over the head with sales emails when they may not have even watched one of your videos. That’s a sure way to burn out your list real quick and drive the value of your list down rapidly. Now obviously even after they’ve watched all of your videos, I still don’t recommend spamming the hell out of your list 😉

Instead, I would recommend deploying some smart funnels inside of Infusionsoft that are designed to engage, deliver value and soft sell so you don’t alienate your list.

You can use Infusionsoft to automatically separate your active leads from your inactive leads by tagging your contacts.

Using the method I mentioned in the tutorial video above, you can apply a “watched video” tag each time your contact has watched a video to make sure that you’re delivering the right message at the right time.

As Drayton Bird said in his fantastic book, Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing:

Sell when your customer is ready to buy… 80 percent of non-response is down to the wrong time

1 thought on “Infusionsoft Training: Video Sequencing and Video Tagging”

  1. 1 question that I have is: how do you track or know how much of the video was watched?
    We know they started since they clicked the link… but how do we know they watched part or all of it before we send the next video?

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