Integrating OptimizePress with Infusionsoft and Passing Form Variables

Learn how to pass URL variables to OptimizePress forms into Infusionsoft.

You can use this kind of information to figure out what advertising channels are working well, what specific ads are converting, what the lifetime customer value for a specific keyword is, or simply to pre-fill an OptimizePress form with an existing contact’s email address for instance.

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So, in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how you can pass variables from your OptimizePress form into Infusionsoft. So to demonstrate what I mean, let’s say you want to capture source that people came from. What you can do is you can

Write up here where it says first name. So firstname=google or firstname=facebook. So let’s say firstname=facebook. Actually there are sources here but you can change what it says here. So firstname equals facebook. write My email address, my name, get instant access. ok so , but now that it comes through on infusionsoft we should see this update so that the source is gonna be facebook or whatever you put in there as variables. In google analytics you can see herethat the term has been updated. this is useful because you can also pass other variables along for example you can say that this is FB ad 1 and that it came from newsfeed for example and so forth or the content was about optimizepress, would say here social media. You can pass multiple variables along. and You could do that by putting & sign in front. and you’d For example &Medium equals social+media

Download URL Params First

Ok so in order for this to work we gonna need to download a new wordpress plug in called url params so basically it will allows us to get parameters from the url. This one here URL Params. and we Just hit install now and we activate the plug in. ok, and we’ll gonna see it down here URL Params.

Set up Infusionsoft Form

Ok so, now we gonna setup the infusionsoft form. The First thing to do will be to set up the custom field which is where you want to store variables. So I’ve named mine source, but you can name yours whatever you want. If you don’t know how to set up infusionsoft form, infusionsoft field rather then check out the link at the bottome of the video. So after you setup your infusionsoft custom field, you create a form here. And we will name this let say OptimizePress Opt In form. Double click this to edit it. And we gonna see 2 fields, first name and email. First
name and email turn this to ready. So what we gonna do is will gonna insert a hidden field like this and choose the custom field that we created earlier on so that youll create now. So is gonna pop up here. And this is basically way we gonna choose the stored custom field so we gonna store whatever value to the custom field called source.

You don’t have to make the custom field hidden but if you don’t want people for example to see down here that you know source=facebook=google or whatever add words then and it’s better to make it hidden so that people will not see what’s going on here. And next step is to go back and publish this otherwise its not going to update in the code so go back to campaign and will hit publish and will give it a little bit of time to publish the form. Ok now that it’s published. we go back to edit and grab the code. So go down, all the way down

Here it is,Optimizepress Opt in form and will gonna go to on code. Will gonna choose the unstyled version of the HTML code because optimizepress is already going to style for us according to the theme and what we gonna do here is I will copy and paste this code into a text document

Set Up OptimizePress Form

Ok so, now I’m gonna set up the form in optimizepress and will do everything from scratch so you’ll see how is it done from optimizepress. So we’ll call this OP-Form and we’ll just choose one of the or actually we will just use the same one that I use before the simple landing page template. Proceed step 2, we’ll go to edit Opt in form here and then intergration type we’ll gonna choose custom form and this is where we bring up the text document we made before and we’ll gonna use the code here

So in the code you’ll gonna see inf_field_firstname, inf_field_email, inf_custom_source1. So the custom refers to the fact that its a custom field and the name of the custom field is source1 and you can see that it is the hidden one that we created.So scroll down and you ganna have to choose the appropriate fields for each of them. So for the name choose inf_field_firstname for email choose inf_field_email and this is so, this here is the hidden field and the value is set to null so we actually change the value so that it captures to whatever url. This is captured the sort of directly that way without having the

Ok so, this field is where we wanna pass the information to, so this is where we gonna use the URL params plugin. If we go to the URL params front page the plugin page you’ll see here that this is the format that they want you to use. So what we gonna do is this is the shortcut that they use to grab it so it says here urlparam First Name, First and name, default, friend. What does that means is if at the end of the URL so and we have firstname=123 then this one gonna be fired if its called first this one is gonna be fired it doesn’t really matter you don’t really be needing this one and the default means that there’s nothing there then it gonna be default friend so it’s like first=Friend but we can actually just get rid of this ones since will gonna use one name and we’ll change this to Source and we’ll get rid of this. Ok so this is the shortcut we’ll gonna use we will also gonna get rid of default let say that if nothing’s enter there then it’s gonna be blank. So we go here and we gonna update the value so that it’s not null it’s this here. We’ll gonna replace this with the single version because otherwise it gonna confuse the code. Alright so, we replace this short code the original value now with this shortcut code and what this shortcut gonna do is it will look for the URL, the parameters of the URL so if the URL is url and the parameters Source=123 then this area this value automatically update to 123 and it’s gonna pass on to the infusionsoft contact. So what we gonna do is reupdate this as well because everytime you edit the code here this whole area reupdate so you have to make that this is the correct field has chosen here otherwise the form will not submit properly. Ok so we have updated that, now we want to save and close so that I can publish the page because it would be in draft mode so go to all pages and we’ll go to draft and then it goes this one here. So go to OP form and we’ll going to publish this. Give a little bit of time. ok, now we click on the published page to open to the new tab. So we can test without submitting form wether this gonna work and you can do that by going to the page source and look for. So here were gonna look for infusionsoft hidden field. And we can see it is this one or this one right here so its custom source 1 see that value up there now if we update this so that we say source=facebook we will close this one and we get the page source again and you can see here now that the value is set to facebook so name=infusionsoft custom field source1 and the value is facebook. So we submit this form with details, get instant access and then we go here, go into the contact details and here and you can see that its updated to facebook and we can go back and we can change this to adwords. We resubmit this with the details and we go back here or refresh this, Google Analytics and you see here its updated to adwords

Obviously it gonna overwrite anything that you already have this. The contact came originally through facebook and then later on again then to adwords then its gonna write adwords. So its gonna show you the latest update because everything gonna be overwritten

What you can do with this

Ok so, How you can Use this. well before we go to the sample of tracking a facebook versus adwords or youtube or advertising, blogging guest posting stuff like that, you can use this to figure out which channel works best for you. You can actually get more __ and figure out what ads working best for you. Or what keywords you are using for example adwords or which facebook ads which facebook interest can work well or restricted to using only one custom field you can use multiple custom field. So you can figure out for example that not only come from facebook but we also have an interest in infusionsoft and they came from facebook ad a or facebook ad b for example.You can also use in a simple thing like pre filling forms with there names, the email addresses, the phone numbers because these details that you already gonna have but optimizepress they don’t know how to automatically pre fill those because use standard template that is use for a weber and mailchimp and ___ as well as infusionsoft. With this half people can say__ and not have them refill everything in.

So I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions just let me know. Thank you for watching.


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