Lifecycle Email Marketing with Klaviyo

Make sure to checkout Klaviyo eCommerce Segmentation. You can learn more about Klaviyo generally in my review here.

Custom Email Automation Series

If you’re doing a ton of Facebook Ad Spend, then the above image might look familiar to you. It follows a very similar sort of cycle — Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel. Other labels in Facebook including Cold, Warm, Hot.

Klaviyo allows you to automate an email for each touchpoint with each event as a trigger, allowing you to develop a stronger customer relationship.

You can start by focusing on the part of your funnel that’s leaking. It might be that you’re getting a ton of emails but not converting them. You might tweak your copy, product pricing, add social proof, try different creatives, and see if that moves the needle.

Or it can be that customers only buy once and never come back. So the focus should be on driving repeat purchases. It’s always cheaper to convert existing customers rather than chasing after new ones.

Enriching the Customer Lifecycle

You can go beyond “Hi [First Name]” with Klaviyo. To make the customer experience richer, you can start thinking about ways of collecting data.

For example, forms aren’t just for collecting emails. You can have an inline form that displays “New Product Coming Soon!” and then anyone that engages with the form (without having to input their email again if they’re cookied). You can also show the display only to a segment of your customers.

You can also engage with the customer across channels. For example, once they reach a certain point in your funnel, you can trigger specific Facebook ads to move them along whether it’s to leave a review or to purchase another product.

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