LinkedIn Learning Reviews

During this period where we’re all forced to stay at home, LinkedIn Learning seems to be a very popular self-quarantine activity:

LinkedIn Learning Traffic Spike

LinkedIn Learning was originally It then got acquired by LinkedIn and renamed to LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn then got acquired by Microsoft.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn Learning has:

  • A library of over 15,000 courses in 7 languages
  • There are 60 new courses released weekly
  • Earn a certificate at the completion of the course
  • Provides interactive, social learning:
Learning socially

The most popular courses on LinkedIn Learning generally are software development, leadership and management, business software and tools, and data science. You can check them out here.

The most popular tools include:

The course I’m currently taking is Python while completing the ProjectEuler challenge.

In terms of pricing, you can purchase one course at a time like Udemy, or you can pay a monthly fee (get 1 month here) and have a Netflix buffet style model where you can access all of the courses.

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