Post COVID eCommerce General Sales Update

With everyone stuck at home the last two months, it’s no surprise that retail sales have suffered and online eCommerce sales have benefited generally (this doesn’t apply to all categories like travel for example).

Amazon has around 50% marketshare in the US and they’ve clearly been a beneficiary during this pandemic. I’d say there’s a mixture of a permanent transition from bricks and mortars to online (i.e. change in consumer behaviour) and some temporary adjustment taking place because of the situation.

There was a spike generally around the middle of April 2020 when the first wave of stimulus checks were being distributed in the US. What’s interesting is that on May 1 (typically a payday for a lot of people), there has been an even bigger spike.

Source: Klaviyo

According to Klaviyo, people are planning to buy more jewelry, apparel, beauty, and hardware as businesses start reopening this month.

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