Quidco Review

I’ve just started using these kind of cash back programs and sometimes they have great offers from major platforms like Amazon as well as from major brands like Nike and Adidas.

There are a few major ones including TopCashBack and Quidco.

Quidco Review
My Quidco

From some of the all online shopping since the pandemic when I’ve remembered to use Quidco, I’ve earned over £100 in cashbacks.

The only thing is that most merchants usually take a few months to pay the money to Quidco and then from Quidco to you.

When you withdraw the cashback, you also have the option of withdrawing into credits for Uber/Uber Eat, Amazon, Adidas, Nike and so on and get up to an extra 10% over withdrawing into cash or PayPal.

If you use this link, you can get £5.00 if you sign up.

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