Roam Research Daily Log: Adding Advertising Swipe Files

I keep my Daily Log open within Roam Research whenever I’m working on my computer.

If I come across any interesting advert or something that has elements that I think will be useful in the future, then I’ll take a screenshot and upload it to Roam Research.

To keep it properly categorized, I’ll add the appropriate tags.

Adding Facebook Swipe Files to Roam Research

If you don’t expect too many notes or not going to be using the tag very often, then having a broad tag like #[[Swipe Files]] works.

On the other hand, if you expect to have a lot of notes, then I think having sub-categories can be helpful.

In the above example, I’ve added the subcategory:

#[[Swipe Files: Office Products]]

You can also be more specific and have something like:

#[[Swipe Files: Journal Products]]

I’ve added both #[[FB Advertising]] and #[[Facebook Advertising Swipe Files]] so that I can later filter for notes that are both:

#[[Swipe Files: Office Products]] and #[[FB Advertising]] or #[[Facebook Advertising Swipe Files]]

Another way to do the same thing is:

#[[Swipe Files]] and #[[FB Advertising]] or #[[Facebook Advertising Swipe Files]] and #[[Office Products]]

Using the #[[Swipe Files: Office Products]] format just means that when you start typing Swipe Files, you remember what tags/categories are within Swipe Files for both creating and remembering which I find to be generally more useful when you don’t have too many options to choose from.

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