Shopify Removes Beeketing

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Shopify has announced that it will remove all Beeketing apps from the Shopify store by tomorrow (and they’ve locked the post so no one can comment).

The apps include:

  • Sales Pop by Beeketing
  • Countdown Cart by Beeketing
  • Facebook Chat by Beekteting
  • Better Coupon Box by Beeketing
  • Personalized Recommendation by Beeketing
  • Happy Email by Beeketing
  • Mobile Converter by Beeketing
  • Boost-Sales – Upsell – Cross-sell by Beeketing
  • Recover Cart Pusher by Beeketing
  • Checkout Boost by Beeketing
  • Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing
  • Happy Messenger by Beeketing
  • Countdown Timer & Sales Pop Up by BoostFlow
  • Email Pops-Up – Mailchimp Form by SiteKit
  • Mobile App by SellMob

Beeketing had issues before with Shopify with their apps being unavailable for 6 months from January of 2019.

After Shopify’s announcement, Beeketing put out their own statement. Interestingly, they wrote “Beeketing stopped cooperating with Shopify from August 2019” but then they go on to say, “It may be because of this confrontation with Shopify that they have made an extremely tough decision for a long-time partner who had been actively contributing to the community since the early days of Shopify AppStore like Beeketing.”

What they’re actually saying in a very roundabout way is, “We’ve stopped the partnership” but then go on to say, “Actually, Shopify stopped it probably because of the confrontation even though we’ve supported Shopify since the start”.

By confrontation, they’re referring to building what looks like their own clone of Shopify, otherwise known as ShopBase.

Am I still using Shopify?

Building a clone is probably enough to get kicked out of most platforms. Further, it looks like Beeketing had some real technical issues. It grew its business on the back of Shopify’s platform and growth from a team of 5 people to over 100. But seeing its apps pulled from the Shopify store in January must have been very alarming. Their main source of revenue could be pulled easily and at the whims of Shopify. Perhaps ShopBase was a play at diversifying revenue sources but having it look so much like Shopify is a sure-fire way of solidifying the divorce. There’s probably no turning back from that.

Blood in the water

Having said that, some have suspected that Shopify also had a “confrontation” with Mailchimp because of their play into eCommerce through its partnership with Square.

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