Sprizzy Review 2022

Update: This review was updated on February 15, 2022.

Considering using Sprizzy for your YouTube? Learn in this Sprizzy Review whether it’s going to be right for you.

Of all the paid channels that I’m using, the one I’m most excited about generally is YouTube.

YouTube (both paid and organic) are getting better and better results and so as a result, I’ve been playing around a lot with YouTube (including consuming a ton of content) as well as all of the tools that are available to help grow and make YouTube as a medium more effective.

Sprizzy Review
Sprizzy Review

On the organic side, the one that I like the most so far is VidIQ. It makes life a ton easier by figuring out what keywords have demand, which are competitive, what tags to use, making sure that you’ve added all the things that you should so that your video is adequately optimized.


Introduction to Sprizzy

On the paid side, I ran into Sprizzy during some research.

Their whole mission statement is to make your YouTube video go viral.

How it works in a nutshell is that you choose the video that you want to get real views and subscribers, then you pay Sprizzy to analyze your video to figure out the best place to get it promoted and then you just sit back and relax.

The biggest advantage in using Sprizzy as oppose to doing it yourself is that it’s just super easy. They make it much more accessible. They generally execute fast.

Another benefit that they state is that they’re able to filter out bots so that you only get real and engaged viewers. On this point, I’m not sure if that’s actually the case from the trial runs that I’ve done so far but certainly they do deliver engagement in the form of people watching your video, engaging with it and making comments.

It’s still early days and I haven’t used it enough to see if it would work to generate sales.

Sprizzy Scam?

Before actually signing up with Sprizzy, I did so some research and most of the results seemed to be centered around how they’re a scam like this YouTube video.

Most of the complaints seemed to be around the fact that it’s cheaper than to use Google Ads yourself.

Honestly I think that’s to be assumed. Further, when you create the campaigns yourself through Ads, you’re going to get bots clicking which you’re still paying for and that’s not something that the people complaining seem to be considering.

Sprizzy is a service and the cost of the service is embedded in the cost of advertising so you should definitely not assume that you’re going to get the same rate as you would if you did it yourself on Google Ads.

In other words, Sprizzy is a middleman.

Sprizzy Pricing

So what does Sprizzy actually get you?

That of course depends on which segment you’re operating in. Some interests like advertising and tech are more expensive while others like reading have lower CPM costs.

On the advertising niche, I spent $100 USD and it got a few thousand views and some subscribers.

In general, you can get started from as low as $30. This will get you at least 1,200 viewers directly on YouTube’s Ad Platform.

Sprizzy Ads

You can see what kind of ads Srizzy runs on the YouTube network here:

Sprizzy YouTube Ad

You can learn more about out Sprizzy here.


All in all, do I think that Sprizzy is worth it?

I think in the majority of cases, it’s a disappointing NO.

Given their embedded cost and the (lack) of value they add, it’s better just to use Google Ads to make YouTube Video Ads yourself.

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