The Ultimate B2B SaaS Digital Advertising Guide

A Proven Method To Scale Your SaaS Business with Paid Advertising

Are you looking for a consistent flow of booked demos & trials through paid advertising for your SaaS Business? If so, this article is for you.


1. Know Your Customer and Build Your Customer Avatar

Everything start from here. This is where you build your foundation. If you don’t know who your customers are, then you can start reaching out to prospects via email and LinkedIn. If you have the budget for it, you then can advertise a landing page using Facebook/Google Ads/YouTube to book a demo call.

The reason why this step is important is because it will dictate how you will build your website for conversions and the best way to do it.

Let’s say that you own a landing page software business and it turns out that most of your customers are using it for Facebook Ads.

In this case, you can then design your own landing page which addresses the relevant frustrations of marketers that are looking for easy to build landing pages (to easily test lots of different pages for advertising), ready templates that convert, fast loading speeds (slow sites are a conversion killer).

Deliverables: At least one defined customer avatar profile

2. B2B SaaS Customer Journey Mapping

The next step is to build what you think the customer journey will look like based on what you already know as well as making some educated guesses. This is something that you will revise as you get more data.

For most customer journeys, and especially for longer and more complicated customer journeys, a large physical customer journey canvas can helpful and something that you can work with your team on.

After you storyboard the customer’s roadmap, consider what the key pieces of content are necessary to move the prospect along in the customer journey.

For most software businesses, a good chunk of content will be centered around educating your market.

Going back to the example of landing page software, let’s say that the prospect is looking for how to make landing pages for Facebook Ads.

This person is most likely earlier on in the research process and may not yet be in the market for landing page software.

The best content for this stage in the customer journey will be a how to guide (either as a post/article or PDF/whitepaper).

The different content formats include:

  • How to guides and tutorials (How to design high converting landing pages)
  • List posts (Top 5 landing page software for paid advertising)
  • Reviews (Leadpages Review)
  • Comparisons (Leadpages vs Clickfunnels)
  • Booking/Demo (Leadpages Demo Pages)

To further help you with content, consider your Avatar, the main problems they have, and what material you can come up with to solve these.

You can use this to create downloads including reference guides, checklists, templates, and so on. At the end of it, the call to action can be to a software trial or a demo call.


  • Customer Journey Roadmap
  • List of Content Needed
  • Channels For The Content
  • Tracking and Attribution Modeling

3. Advertising

Focus on One Channel initially or experiment until you find the channel that works the best for you. Of course, this depends on the Stage of Your SaaS Business.

4. Filter

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