The Ultimate List of Logical Fallacies

Why Should You Learn Logical Fallacies?

This is a key skill to have in your thinking toolbox.

It’s a lifelong skill that will enable you to have to determine whether arguments are true or false.

Whether it’s a political commentator that’s trying to convince you of something or you’re reading a book for school and its arguments need to be critically analyzed, this is useful to have in your mental toolbox.

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Informal Logical Fallacies List

What exactly is a fallacy? A fallacy is simply the use of faulty reasoning.

  1. Appeal to Force
  2. Appeal to Pity
  3. Appeal to the People (Ad Hominem Fallacy)
    • Bandwagon, Vanity, Snobbery
  4. Against the Person
    • Abusive, Circumstantial, You Too (Tu Quoque)
  5. Fallacy of Accident
  6. Straw Man Fallacy
  7. Missing the Point Fallacy
  8. Red Herring Fallacy
  9. Appeal to Unqualified Authority
  10. Appeal to Ignorance
  11. Hasty Generalization
  12. False Cause Fallacy
  13. Slippery Slope Fallacy
  14. Weak Analogy
  15. Continuum Fallacy
    • There’s no clear cut off point, therefore there’s no real distinction

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