YouTube TubeBuddy Review 2020 — The Essentials You Need to Know Including TubeBuddy Pricing and Alternatives



Updated May 25, 2020

tubebuddy review
TubeBuddy Review

TubeBuddy Features

Whether you are just getting started with Youtube as a Channel or have been using it for a long time as a marketing tool, your ultimate goal is to grow, scale and get yourself or your brand out there so you can give more value to people. However, scaling and getting more subscribers can be challenging as everyone seems to have a YouTube channel now.

What Is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy (or YouTube TB) is a Chrome and Firefox Extension for managing and growing your YouTube Channel. They’re also YouTube Certified.

On top of that, growing means posting more content and optimizing it so you reach more people. Doing that take up a significant amount of your working day and leave you frustrated. That’s where TubeBuddy comes in handy. The features that TubeBuddy offers are designed to make scaling effortless by helping you oversee and manage your Youtube channel. There are five stages for you to use TubeBuddy.

How To Use TubeBuddy

The first stage is everything to do with creating your content. 

  • Preparing Your Video 
  1. Embedding options: while YouYube makes it hard to use some embedding options, Tubebudy makes it extremely simple to customize the appearance of your embedded videos, making sure your video loops automatically or inserting force closed captioning.
YouTube TB Video Embed
  1. Quick edit toolbar: this feature allows you to edit more than one of your videos in a playlist. Instead of editing one video at a time and risk losing where you left off and losing valuable time, the quick edit toolbar makes it easy to multitask.
  1. Card templates and End screen templates: instead of re-making a call to action card from scratch every time you upload a video, Tubebuddy’s card template are saved and ready to be used at any time.
  1. Thumbnail generator: while thumbnails are eye-catching and extremely important to increase your views on Youtube, they do take a long time to make. Tubebudy helps you save templates so you can create professional looking thumbnails very fast.

Just by using the four features that I described above, I managed to save more time and be more productive on things that actually matter, creating more content! Now that I have done the hard work of setting up my video, I want to make sure it gets the most views. By using some of the features below, Tubbebuddy has helped me increase my views and subscribers. 

  • Before you post
  1. Best time to publish: The time of guessing has long passed. Now Influencers are using data for each aspect and Tubebuddy does not disappoint. Tubebuddy’s “scientists’ tells you the exact time to post your videos so that you can get the most views and get your brand across.
  2. Tubebuddy A/B testing: As you can tell from the title, this feature helps you create A/B tests so you know which titles, tags and thumbnails work better. 
  1. Tag explorer, tag list, tag sorter and search explorer: While we are on the subject of tags, Tubebuddy also allows you to find the best tags for your video. You can also create a list of tags you can use for future videos and even sort your tags so you put the best ones at the beginning of your video. The search explorer feature tells you the competing keywords that are being used so you can select the high converting ones.
  1. Upload checklist & Best practice audit: Tubebuddy helps you set up an upload checklist you can edit so you never skip a step when posting a video. Another feature that I vastly use is Best Practice audit which helps me check if any links I attached are functional or makes sure I don’t forget to insert keywords in my titles, tags and descriptions. 

So far, I have managed to save a great amount of time while preparing the video. I also used a bunch of other TubeBuddy features to make sure i posted my video at the perfect time and with all the bells and whistle that I need. Now, let’s see how you can use Tubebuddy after you post your video.

  • After the post
  1. Publish to Facebook: The great thing about this feature is that you can publish native facebook video from Youtube. This solves the problem of copy pasting a Youtube link or going to Facebook to re-upload a video. It’s amazing how this small hack can save so much time.
  1. Demonetization audit: This feature is a quick check to make sure none of your tags are costing you money due to your titles, tags and description. Pretty handy, ain’t it.
  1. Health report: As you can tell from the title, Tubebuddy will tell you what is working based on the audience you are serving so you can better optimize your videos.

Next part of my review will focus on the comments and what hacks I use to stay engaged with my viewers.

  • Commenting
  1. Canned responses: This little baby is great for saving you time. Instead of going to each comment and replying the same thing over and over again, Canned responses will post answers to your most frequently asked questions. In fact, it does it with class as you can add a touch of personalization by adding a code so each response is addressed by the commenter’s first name.
  2. Comment Filter: With all the hacks I mentioned above, you were able to save so much and add thousands of followers. With all these extra followers engaging and commenting on your post, Tubebuddy has this comment filter tool you can use to sift through all the comments and find what you want to see. You can search by comments containing specific questions, comments you haven’t responded yet, by positive or negative feedback…. 
  1. Export: and if you want to export all your comments into a CSV file, you can just use the Export feature.
  2. Video topic planner: Following up the feedback from your views is also very important and appreciated by your followers. Thus I just click the “Add as comment suggestion” link below the comments so i remember what kind of videos I should post next time.
  1. Pick a winner: I sometimes run contests to boost my engagement by telling my subscribers to comment. To determine the winner, I use, yup you guessed it, Tubebuddy.

Now that we posted our video and engaged your subscribers, let’s see what our competition is doing! Tubebuddy has some really cool features you can use to make sure you stay on top of my competition.

  • Competition and Ranking
  1. Brand alerts: This features helps me find similar videos, channels and playlists to my brand. It’s a good way of gauging how I am doing compared to other similar YouTubers/Brands. 
  2. Social monitor: If I want to know if my videos or brand is creating a buzz, I use this feature to find out which social media have been getting all the attention from.
  1. Opportunity finder: This is by far my favorite feature because it gives some a list of actionable items that I can take in order to boost my reach and got more views and subscribers which is ultimate the thing I’m most interested in. I spend a lot of time looking for promotions I can take advantage of and this awesome tool cuts my search time to almost nothing.
  2. Competitor scoreboard and upload alerts: Love, love the upload alert. Makes “spying” on my competition child’s play by notifying via text or email every time your competition posts a new video.The competitor scoreboard compares your channel with others. You can find out what you competition is not doing so well on so you can take advantage of that gap to make yourself different and your brand more unique. You can generate a report as an excel file where you will be able to see the difference in views, engagements, subscribers and uploads.

YouTube TubeBuddy Pricing & Plans

TB Pricing

Pricing starts at $9.50 per month and go up to $49 per month.

If you have less then 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, you can use the coupon code RisingStarBuddy to get 50% off the monthly TubeBuddy subscription price. Further discounts are available if you pay annually.

TubeBuddy Coupon

You can use the 50% OFF coupon code RisingStarBuddy if you have less than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. Claim it here. If you have more than 1,000 subscribers, you can still try TubeBuddy Trial for Free.

TubeBuddy Alternative

The main alternative to TubeBuddy is VidIQ. You can read the full VidIQ Review here.

TubeBuddy vs VidIQ on YouTube

One thing that’s interesting to note is how many subscribers both TubeBuddy and VidIQ has on YouTube since both are software that’s designed to help you get more views and subscribers.

TubeBuddy has 343K subscribers at the time of writing:

TubeBuddy’s YouTube Channel

VidIQ has 571K subscribers at the time of writing:

VidIQ’s YouTube Channel

You can see that VidIQ has more subscribers but they also have more videos which obviously can make a big difference to YouTube results. But it’s still interesting to look at and note.

Both TubeBuddy for YouTube and VidIQ extensions are free to try out so if you can’t decide, you can try both without cost. It will just be a limited version.

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