Writing a Book in Roam Research

I’ve noticed that having the place where you take notes in the same place where you write your articles/blog posts, newsletters and books can make things much easier.

There’s some time that needs to be invested in learning the system and then getting use to the system, sure.

In my case, that means learning the ins and out of Roam Research and loosely using the Zettelkasten system and Andy’s evergreen notes.

Why is having notes where you also write your content useful?

Because you’ve got the source content which you can interact with, you can have it linked with your own thoughts, compare it with other notes to see contradictions/similarities, have it properly referenced and so on.

There’s a thread on Twitter about how people are writing books:

Having the side bar is a huge win for me and something that I’m constantly using. It sounds simple but it’s very effective. The reason is because you can be working on two different things at the same time and relate those two things and interlink them within Roam Research.

From Brain Dump to Filtering

You can interlink through tagging, using brackets or using block-refs.

At the center of all of this of course is the quality of your thinking. If you’ve invested the time and effort in the preparation, the note taking, research etc, it will make the rest of the process much easier.

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