YouTube 2020 Ads & Tools

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Since YouTube has started in 2005, it’s gone through a rapid amount of growth.

People are currently spending 180 million hours a day watching YouTube.

Part of the reason why YouTube is so appealing is because there’s really something there for everyone.

For advertising eCommerce & SaaS, YouTube can be a very effective advertising platform.

Here are a few of the software tools that I use:

Sprizzy — Easy Advertising Platform for YouTube
Canva Pro — For Quickly Creating YouTube Thumbnails (tons of YouTube templates), Intros (they have a library of stock images and videos), End Cards and more.
Wave.Video — For Quickly Creating YouTube Videos (tons of Video Templates — I also use them for Facebook Advertising. I tried Animoto but found wave to be a much better & cheaper alternative)
VidIQ — For Figuring Out What Tags to Use on the YouTube Videos
Segmetrics — Most of my YouTube Ads are very top of funnel videos and since it takes quite some time to convert, Segmetrics provides the analytics to figure out which ad results in the most valuable leads & customers
Stock Videos and Images — A list of websites for stock videos and pictures

Pre-Recording YouTube Tools

Mic — You can skimp on the video but not on the audio. When you have good audio, you can always use stock footages, images etc. But when you have bad audio, you don’t have a video anymore. I’ve had people complain a ton whenever I get bad audio. Depending on your budget, a good option is AudioTechnica’s ATR series which gets recommended a lot by podcasters and YouTubers. A good higher end microphone would be this Neuman mic.
Script Writing — Since I write all of my notes in Roam Research, it makes script writing (as well as book writing) easier and more efficient. I can easily call up references on the side bar and keep the writing flow going. But it doesn’t really matter what software you use. You can just use whatever you’re most comfortable with.

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