5 Essential Shopify Apps To Increase Sales in 2022


1. Klaviyo for Email & SMS Marketing


A must have whether you’re just getting started or already making lots of sales on Shopify. Klaviyo helps merchants deliver personalized experiences across “owned” marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app notifications, and on the Shopify site. Klaviyo has helped its merchants generate $3.7 billion in revenue tin the last year alone.

Email marketing is an effective sales channel and one that you should be utilizing in in your overall sales mix. Especially since no advertising dollars need to be spent — you just need the emails and automations set up, and you’re good to go.

Learn more about Klaviyo and get free Klaviyo Training.

2. ReConvert for Upsells


The best time to sell your customers another product is right after they’ve just purchased. ReConvert is the top Shopify app in the Upsell & Cross-selling category as well as in Sales and Conversion Optimization. It has over 1,000 5-star average reviews on the Shopify App Store.

This is the single easiest way to increase your average order value.

3. Bold Subscriptions For Recurring Subscriptions

This won’t be a great fit for all Shopify stores of course but if you can figure out a way to have recurring subscriptions on your store, the better business will be for you. Guthy-Renker built an empire using infomercials by focusing on subscription products. Some examples include beauty like skin care products, supplements, dog food, and so on. Consider how you can incorporate a recurring subscription into your own Shopify store?

The number 1 rated recurring subscriptions in the Shopify App store is Bold Subscriptions.

Bold Subscriptions

4. Scalify for Retargeting


I first heard of Scalify from other Shopify sellers that got huge RoAS on Facebook lookalike audiences that goes beyond the 10% you get access to on Facebook. Of course, always looking to improve my own results, I decide to give it a try.

0-20% Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

What I found was that it was provided mixed results. On some accounts (usually but not always when the Facebook Pixel was very well trained), there were some huge winners with the 20% lookalike audiences (ABO and CBO campaigns on various activities such as VC, PUR) for more sustainable scaling.

It’s also a bit tedious setting up lookalike audiences for every % step from 0% to 10% so an extra benefit with Scalify is that it can do all of that automatically.

Once you’re scaling on Facebook Advertising, this is an essential audience to be testing. It’s not really the first thing I’d do especially if I was just getting started.

Having said that, I played around a bit with Scalify and found they had dynamic product retargeting too. So if you’re just starting out, then once you have some traffic on your Shopify store, you can pick up lost sales with retargeting. Retargeting generally be the highest ROI advertising spend you can do on Facebook.

5. Ultimate Sales Boost for Urgency

Ultimate Sales Boost

I would use these countdown timers with a lot of moderation. They do help to boost sales but it can backfire if you use them too often.

Customers see through the sales tactic and will oftentimes have a negative association with these.

However, for special events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday and for pre-orders and new product launches, they can be very effective. The key is that you’re honest about the deadline. If it’s a countdown timer that keeps on resetting, customers will see through it.

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