SafetyWing 2023 Travel Insurance Review

SafetyWing Introduction

SafetyWing is a travel insurance service designed with digital nomads in mind (of course, you don’t need to be a nomad to take advantage of their offers!).

They offer protection to individuals from all over the world while they are away from their home country. Or if you have no home base like me.

They have flexible plans that’s great for digital nomads and remote workers as well people that are traveling long-term without a specific end date.

In comparison to other travel insurance policies, SafetyWing offers various benefits, such as the option to buy a policy even if you are already abroad, the option to pay for it monthly, and coverage for COVID-19.


Why Choose SafetyWing

The thing I like most about SafetyWing is that you don’t need to decide what your dates will be in advance, you can purchase it at any point during your travels, and you even get some coverage when you’re in your home country.

The pricing is also easy to understand and I think offers great value mainly because they focus on the essential things that nomads would want long term.

With SafetyWing, you get to keep flexibility for your travels in terms of where you want to visit as well as when.

This way you can focus purely on enjoying your travels and workations without worrying about whether you’re covered if something happens to you.

It covers most sports and water activity like sailing, snorkeling, waterskiing, windsurfing and so on.

Other benefits are that you get coverage free for kids, there’s no limit for how long you want to travel.

Bali Traffic At 11 pm at Night

The first time I thought to use SafetyWing was when I was traveling around SouthEast Asia where motor accidents are very common. It’s great for a peace of mind and to know that you’re covered.

If you’re thinking about traveling, then checkout SafetyWing here.

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