TextMagic App Review

textmagic app review


What is TextMagic?

TextMagic is a simple yet effective, SMS marketing tool that allows businesses to reach out to existing customers and prospects via short and effective SMS text messages.

It provides you with a simple interface that lets businesses send out a real-time alert, update information, or reminders to their customers, staff, and business associates

Using TextMagic, you can connect with customers around the globe using simple text messages and lets you integrate it with other applications via API.

Why Use TextMagic?

It’s no secret that communication is important in business and building relationships.

If you can’t get your message across to the right people at the right time, then it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is because you’re limiting the potential of your business.

As mobile apps are emerging as a popular means for mobile shopping and social media continues to dominate customer behavior, SMS marketing has become an essential and unavoidable part of a marketer’s arsenal.

SMS messages is an effective way to reach customers the way they want to be spoken to: on their smartphones with a succinct message.

That is where TextMagic comes in, simplifying the process of sending personalized one-on-one text messages to your customers, suppliers, staff, and more.

Essential TextMagic Features

TextMagic has everything you need for text messaging marketing without the noise and clutter of unnecessary features.

Here are some cool features to check out.

SMS Text Messaging

SMS marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies that businesses both large and small can use to generate leads and promote their products and services.

TextMagic is a complete online SMS texting solution that enables you to quickly and cost-effectively send texts online from to anywhere in the world automatically.

You can quickly and efficiently send bulk SMS messages with TextMagic, and you’ll be able to design and deliver highly effective campaigns.

TextMagic SMS Text Messaging
TextMagic SMS Text Messaging

TextMagic SMS Gateway API

TextMagic’s SMS API allows you to send bulk text messages to customers and prospects directly from your website or cloud software without requiring you to download any software or apps.

Using an SMS API gateway like TextMagic’s will save you time and costs.

With TextMagic’s global SMS Gateway API, companies of any size can integrate text messaging with their websites, software solutions, and existing customer care infrastructure.

TextMagic SMS Gateway API
TextMagic SMS Gateway API

TextMagic Two-Way SMS Chat To Build Relationships

For your business to respond quickly to customers, staff, and leads, you need a two-way SMS chat that you can manage at the click of a button.

With TextMagic two-way SMS chat, you can instantly respond to questions about your company, products, and services while building customer loyalty.

With two-way SMS chat, you can provide your customers with personalized service round-the-clock. You can answer questions, take orders, make updates, offer anything, and even send files.

TextMagic Two-Way SMS Chat
TextMagic Two-Way SMS Chat

TextMagic Reporting & Analytics

Analytics and reporting are marketing necessities. You can easily get the insights you need with TextMagic.

All of the delivery metrics are available through your TextMagic dashboard.

You can also generate easy-to-understand reports for all of your campaigns and check the delivery of every message in real-time with TextMagic.

With all communication transactions logged in the TextMagic admin panel for analysis, you can easily keep on top of reply rates, message delivery times, and costs.

TextMagic Reporting & Analytics
TextMagic Reporting & Analytics

TextMagic SMS Contact Management

Building your contact list is one of the foundational parts of any successful text message marketing campaign. 

TextMagic’s interface makes it easy for you to keep track of and manage your contacts.

With TextMagic, you can import Excel or CSV files, add custom fields, and create custom actions like sharing with sub-accounts, hiding and adding extra information to profiles.

TextMagic SMS Contact Management
TextMagic SMS Contact Management

TextMagic Integrations

The TextMagic Integrations enable you to come up with ideas for custom integrations that you may never have considered before.

You can connect TextMagic’s SMS marketing services with the major apps that you may already be using or want to use in the future with Zapier.

TextMagic’s Zapier integration allows you to conveniently sync or send your order information to Slack, Active Campaign, Google Sheets, Trello, and other programs. An alternative to Zapier you can use is Integrately.com

TextMagic Integrations Zapier
TextMagic Integrations Using Zapier

TextMagic Pros and Cons

No matter how well designed a SaaS tool may be, there can always be something missing or use cases that can’t be implemented. TextMagic is certainly no exception.

TextMagic Pros

  • TextMagic offers Zapier Integration, which allows you to automate tasks and send messages by integrating with 750+ apps, including Google Calendar, CRM, and Slack.
  • With TextMagic’s mobile app for iOS and Android, you can send and receive SMS texts, save contacts, create lists, and manage campaigns on the go.
  • In addition, TextMagic lets you send email messages as text messages while all responses are delivered to your inbox via email.
  • By attaching files, videos, and images into your SMS, TextMagic enables you to share more information with your clients and staff.

TextMagic Cons

  • When it comes to TextMagic, the international SMS prices can be a bit higher compared to similar services.

TextMagic SMS Pricing

Among all marketing text message providers, TextMagic has some of the most affordable rates and is an intuitive platform for sending and receiving text messages.

TextMagic SMS Pricing
TextMagic SMS Pricing

TextMagic offers a pay-as-you-go pricing plan, and the price is determined by the destination country, the message type, and the service provider to which you are sending the SMS.

In the US and Canada, texts are $0.04 each and the prices vary from region to region. 

TextMagic doesn’t charge you any kind of sign-up or account-keeping fees.

You can also test TextMagic for free without a credit card with their 30-day no-obligation trial.

TextMagic Alternatives

While TextMagic does have some great features, you might feel like exploring something new. With that in mind, we’ve filtered out the top four alternative email marketing services on the market right now.

TextMagic Review Conclusion

If you are looking for a text message marketing platform to grow your business and build better customer relationships, then it is essential to find the right one.

When choosing an SMS platform, the major factor is the nature of your business and what you want to accomplish by using such a platform.

TextMagic is an incredibly robust SMS marketing platform for delivering highly effective, cost-effective SMS marketing campaigns. 

It can be used to send one-way communications, for two-way communications, personalize your messages based on your contacts’ responses, and much more.

If you’re looking to grow your business, product, or service with text messaging, then TextMagic is a great option. It’s easy to use, affordable, and it allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level than other tools will allow.

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