Top DashThis Alternatives (Paid and Free)

Alternatives to DashThis
DashThis Alternatives

DashThis is one the most popular and widely used marketing analytics tool around, but it’s not the only game in town. There are plenty of alternative tools with similar features that achieve the same goals for different audiences.

Whether you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, or you want to try a new interface, these DashThis alternatives should help.

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1. ReportGarden – Paid

ReportGarden is another useful reporting tool that takes the human element out of creating reports. 

You can automate weekly, monthly, or even daily reports and send them directly to clients without requiring any direct involvement.

You can also customize how each widget looks and feels as well as how the data is presented in ReportGarden.

In addition to reporting, ReportGarden is designed to provide all of your client management needs, including budgeting, invoicing, proposals, SEO reporting, and auditing.

2. AgencyAnalytics – Paid

AgencyAnalytics is yet another all-in-one marketing dashboard and SEO tool designed for agencies. 

It contains tools for agency management, team collaboration, and project management, as well as an SEO toolkit for on-page and website audits and keyword research.

Additionally, it supports more than 45 other integrations, enabling you to connect all of your marketing channels in one place, including SEO, PPC, analytics, local tools, call tracking, email campaigns, and eCommerce.

It is easy to get in touch with AgencyAnalytics’ support team and the staff is fast, friendly, and helpful.

3. Klipfolio – Free

Similar to DashThis, Klipfolio allows you to build business dashboards with real-time information for your team and clients.

KlipFolio offers a free plan that allows you to create unlimited dashboards with 2 data sources and editors.

The main features of the tool include pre-built visualizations, real-time dashboards, data sources for connecting different databases, reporting, and client management.

In addition to its integrations with popular third-party tools like Slack, Asana, ActiveCampaign, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics, Klipfolio also has mobile apps for iOS and Android.

4. Oribi Analytics – Paid

Oribi is another marketing analysis tool that doesn’t require coding or other technical skills and is suitable for those with little experience and who want to build funnels, define conversions, and prepare reports.

It provides you with all your online sales data automatically updated to the minute, so you can focus on what´s important for your business.

The service can be connected directly to your website and it will track traffic for you – and it works with multiple sites and domains!

Oribi Analytics is a good option if you are interested in a few actionable suggestions every now and then without getting lost in the details.

You can learn more about Oribi Analytics in our detailed review here.

5. Google Data Studio – Free

Google Data Studio is a more user-friendly alternative to DashThis for anyone without extensive experience in data analysis, such as a marketing specialist, department head, or company owner.

This tool, like others from Google, enables your team to work simultaneously to build and edit data visualizations, which promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Google Data Studio is also free, making it an extremely valuable tool for many small and medium-sized businesses.

The learning curve for Google Data Studio is also much less steep because it supports far fewer functions and interactions. This is a clear benefit for organizations and individuals that need to rapidly set up dashboards and reports.

As a free-to-use tool, Google Data Studio is fantastic for anyone who just wants to automate interactive reports.

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