Top Alternatives (Free And Paid) Alternatives Alternatives

To-do list apps can help you stay organized, be more productive, capture new ideas, and much more.

But when it comes to productivity, you have a variety of different tools at your disposal.

While is a convenient solution to staying organized and getting more done, it’s not the only place.

Depending on your needs, the following alternatives to may be a better fit.

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1. Todoist – Freemium

Todoist -'s Alternative
Todoist –’s Alternative

Todoist, just like, is an application that helps you stay on top of everything you have to do, transfer projects between teams, and keep track of deadlines.

The interface of Todoist is sleek and modern, and the UI is very user-friendly. The app makes it easy to add tasks, track them, and set deadlines.

Todoist and differ mainly by their target audience, with Todoist being geared more towards businesses, while appear to be geared toward individuals.

2. Asana – Freemium

Asana -'s Alternative
Asana –’s Alternative

Asana is a task-management tool that allows you to categorize, prioritize, and build workflows for better organizing your projects with a clean and simple interface.

It’s easy to keep track of small and large teams, manage tasks with shared updates and deadlines, attach files, and chat with the team directly inside Asana.

In addition to team-based work and personal project management, Asana’s design and flexibility make it a powerful task manager.

3. Trello – Freemium

Trello -'s Alternative
Trello –’s Alternative

Trello offers a fresh approach to project management, is easy to use, and is great for teams that need to break up large projects into small, actionable tasks.

The intuitive drag and drop interface of Trello allows you to quickly move between tasks and cards that represent various tasks as well as visualize your project.

With Trello, you can integrate a variety of applications and have Trello apps for iOS, Android, and even Slack.

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