Top Adzooma Alternatives (Paid And Free)

Adzooma Alternatives
Adzooma Alternatives

The number of marketing optimization platforms available on the market can overwhelm you when you’re trying to improve your marketing strategies. One of these platforms is Adzooma.

Adzooma is a platform that is designed to help you manage your ads on different platforms and make them more effective.

In addition to Adzooma, you can consider other options to maximize your marketing budget in order to increase your revenue and profit.

Whatever your needs are, there are many marketing software alternatives out there that may meet your needs better.

If you’re still not sure whether this platform is right for you, you can read our Adzooma Review to learn more about its features, pros, and cons, and make an informed decision.

Oribi – Paid

Oribi is an invaluable paid alternative to Adzooma that helps track conversions, engagements, and sales without requiring technical know-how.

While Oribi is more straightforward than other marketing solutions in its setup, the data it provides is more comprehensive and tailored to the user.

In addition to using machine learning technology, Oribi enables you to visualize the data, which makes it easier to access and manage the insights from any website visit. 

If you are interested in learning more about it, you can read our Oribi Review for a more in-depth analysis of the platform and its key features.

Oribi - Adzooma Alternative
Oribi – Adzooma Alternative

Hubspot – Freemium

With Hubspot, you can get a freemium alternative that is more feature-rich than most paid CRM software, and it features ad management, marketing monitor, reporting dashboards, and more.

Once you’re a HubSpot customer, you’ll enjoy an excellent user experience, including a well-designed product, helpful support, and a wide range of free features.

Since the free plan offers a little bit of everything, small businesses can do everything for free, from monitoring marketing efforts to managing contacts.

Hubspot – Adzooma Alternative

Madgicx – Paid

Madgicx is a powerhouse advertising stack that combines creative intelligence, AI, and autonomous buying to power advertising at the speed of the internet.

In comparison to Adzooma, Madgicx is a paid alternative that can optimize the process of building, monitoring, and improving ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

For businesses of all sizes, Madgicx can be seen as a complete advertising package since the program gives access to numerous tools and gives them the flexibility to advertise their way.

Madgicx – Adzooma Alternative
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