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The Missing Gravity Forms Add On That You Need… Get Referral Information Automatically

If you haven’t purchased Gravity Forms yet because you’re still sitting on the fence about it, I would highly encourage you to do so. Honestly, I had my own hesitation since I already had Wufoo (which I was paying $30 per month for as oppose to the once off fee you pay to Gravity Forms).

It’s one of those things that once you start using Gravity Forms, you realise it’s one of those things that you can’t live without in your business like Dropbox, Gmail or Evernote (if you’re not already using these tools, I would highly recommend these also!).

Gravity Forms is honestly the best forms plugin I’ve seen for WordPress. They make it very easy to create complex forms and it integrates with my email provider (Infusionsoft) as well as Stripe (accepting payments with Gravity Forms by itself is a feature I’d pay the full price for), Zapier & Twilio.

I like to use Gravity Forms for a lot of my email opt in pages. However, I have many different traffic sources — some people come as a result of paid advertising on Google Adwords, some from blogging on different websites, others from Facebook or Twitter, others as organic searches, some from YouTube… Which sources are driving my opt in and purchases?

The problem was that I couldn’t figure out which channel was working best for me and deciding where to spend my time, effort and money was really just a shot in the dark.

That’s when I decided to create my own proprietary add-on just for Gravity Forms which allows you to see how they came to your website. It would tell you if they came from someone’s website you guest posted on, or from a Facebook ad, or from searching on Google. If you have no traffic, then this is not really going to be an issue but I’m assuming that you’re going to have traffic, otherwise who’s going to fill out your Gravity Forms? 😉

How Lead Source Referral Add On Works with Gravity Forms

It goes without saying that you need Gravity Forms & WordPress to make this work. After that, with this Referral Add On Plugin installed, it will automatically detect and capture referral information about the people that submit one of your forms.


Gravity Forms Add on
Gravity Forms Add on


In this screenshot above, we can see that the user who submitted a form came from searching on Google Organic Search.

If you guest posted on Lifehacker then it will say as source “” so you know exactly what’s driving opt ins for your website.

This kind of information is very powerful to have and if you already have or about to purchase Gravity Forms, then this add on can give you very valuable insight about what’s driving your business.


Purchase Today

This is the first release of the Gravity Forms Referral Plugin. Instead of selling it at $67.00 (which is the price that it will be set to after the plugin is improved and upgraded), you can grab your copy today at only $67.00 $37.00 (Single Site License).

The best part is you’ll get freeLifetime Upgrades Free.


Purchase Gravity Add on



Is there an unlimited license available for purchase?

Not yet — it you want to purchase the plugin for more than one website, please contact me (rui @

How do I install it?

After purchase, you download the plugin and then install it onto your WordPress website. Make sure that you have Gravity Forms installedfirst. It will not work properly if you do not have Gravity Forms installed already. It will automatically work on all forms that you may already have on Gravity Forms.

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  1. I have paid for and installed this plugin into WordPress. However, I am not seeing where this information is being recorded. I can see that the plugin was successfully downloaded and activated, but that is all. Can you point me in the direction of where to fnd the data that is being collected? It is not appearing in the form entry section.


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