Writer.com AI Review

Writer.com AI Review


What is Writer.com?

Writer.com is a tool that helps writers create better sentences, correct grammatical errors, and maintain brand consistency across every touchpoint in the writing process.

When it comes to business writing, the idea of keeping your consistent brand level of communication across platforms and teams is difficult.

Using Artificial Intelligence, this platform helps you use the right language, with the right word choices, so that your message is clearly and consistently conveyed to your intended audience.

Essential Writer.com Features

Writer.com is a powerful tool that lets you style content and ensure that all pieces of it created by your team are written in the same tone of voice, free of all kinds of errors.

With its easy-to-use interface, Writer.com offers everything you need to automate your content strategy, stay consistent, and create clear, on-brand content.

Writing Analysis

Writer.com uses advanced artificial intelligence to identify punctuation, spelling, grammar, and style errors to help you create better-converting content.

It provides more than just basic spell checking, because it corrects your writing, notifies you of errors in real-time as you type by highlighting errors in distinct colors.

Besides identifying errors in real-time, this feature will also give the writer the option to select better alternatives to the written words.

Writer.com's Writing Analysis
Writer.com’s Writing Analysis


The concept of reusable content is not new. With Writer.com, you can automate it as it allows you to save snippets in your library and reuse them whenever you write a post.

Creating a reusable library of snippets allows you to consistently insert the same content across multiple pages without needing to copy and paste.

Additionally, Writer AI features an option to save and maintain the formatting, lists, and links, as well as to create variable placeholders for dynamic content.

Writer.com's Snippets
Writer.com’s Snippets


Having a shared workspace allows you to collaborate more effectively and your content will be more consistent.

With Writer.com, you and your entire team can work together in the same workspace, creating and editing content together – or just writing it individually.

By sharing documents, reviewing writing suggestions, and collaborating throughout on terms, content snippets, and styleguides, you can stay consistent with your brand.

Writer.com's Collaboration
Writer.com’s Collaboration

Data Safety

Writer.com ensures that its customers’ data is secure and protected and does not track their activity across the web or use their content for other purposes.

Data protection is a top priority, and data is analyzed transiently, so what you write in their online space remains there.

The enterprise-level encryption, storage, and security ensure the security of important materials, allowing you to work with any data without fear.

Writer.com's Data Safety
Writer.com’s Data Safety


You can create a content design system on Writer.com using templates and examples to make it easy for people to write about your brand and remain consistent.

It lets you create your guidelines, set editorial style rules, and link them to your term banks, snippets libraries, rules, and more.

Moreover, styleguides can also be tailored to your brand with custom styling, so you can choose fonts, colors, branding, and CSS.

Writer.com's Styleguides
Writer.com’s Styleguides

Insights & Reporting

Writer.com lets you see where your team is making mistakes and what error categories are limiting their productivity so you can drive continuous improvement.

It gives weekly reports to the users so they can see where they made mistakes and what areas they can improve on in their writing.

You can see what types of mistakes your users make, but not what they write, ensuring that their privacy is protected.

Writer.com's Analytics & Reporting
Writer.com’s Analytics & Reporting

Writer.com Pros and Cons

When it comes to writing clearly, enforcing editorial guidelines across the board, and staying on brand, Writer.com can be considered a dream come true.

However, like many things in life, Writer.com has its pitfalls as well. Let’s delve into some of its strengths and limitations to determine if it’s the platform for you.


  • Writer.com offers cross-platform compatibility and can be used with almost any platform, including Word, Google Docs, Outlook, and even has a Chrome extension.
  • Besides offering 24-hour email and chat support, Writer.com also offers an in-app help center and onboarding materials for user assistance.
  • Writer.com also comes with easy-to-use templates and content components to help you produce content quickly.
  • Writer.com also features an advanced plagiarism checker powered by AI that scans your documents thoroughly for plagiarism.


  • Getting accustomed to Writer.com’s platform requires some work and time, which can be somewhat of a learning curve.

Writer.com Pricing

Writer.com AI Pricing

Whether you’re after a one-off writing job or manage a team full of writers, Writer.com offers flexibility on pricing with a couple of different plans.

In addition to that, there is a free forever plan that gives you access to some of the features offered by this platform, such as basic suggestions, etc.

There are different plans available at Writer.com geared toward individuals as well as teams and businesses.

  • Free $0/mo
  • Pro – $11/mo
  • Team – $18/mo
  • Enterprise – Custom

Additionally, Writer.com offers a 30-day free trial that allows you to see if the platform is right for you and your team, after which it is downgraded to the free plan.

For more information on what Writer.com AI has to offer and how its plans differ, check out our detailed breakdown on Writer.com AI Pricing.

Writer.com Alternatives

Writer.com AI Alternatives

Writer.com makes it easy to develop a consistent styleguide for a brand and enforce it across all content, making it an excellent choice for a variety of businesses.

It’s worth noting, however, that what makes Writer.com so good for some is not necessarily going to be good for everyone. Consider these alternatives.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of these alternatives, please see our Writer.com AI Alternatives.

Writer.com Review Conclusion

Writer.com helps you get into the writing zone by letting you know what works and what doesn’t the very moment you write it.

Through writing suggestions and highlighting your mistakes, It helps you create an impact by improving the quality of your writing.

Writer.com, while tailored more towards enterprise needs, is still an excellent writing assistant for anyone who writes, creates content, or supervises a team of writers.

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