Pricing's Pricing Pricing is great for getting things done, planning your day, planning your month, etc., and comes in a free and a paid version.

In addition to being free, also comes with a premium plan that includes advanced recurring reminders, color tags, customized themes, location-based reminders, etc.

If you are just looking for a simple tool to store your ideas, the basic features will do. But if you want specific reminders, custom tags, and better app integrations, you’ll have to pay for it.'s Pricing’s Pricing

You can pay in a number of ways, and the prices vary based on whether you choose to pay monthly, every six months, or annually.

  • $5.99/mo – billed monthly.
  • $4.49/mo – billed every 6 months.
  • $2.99/mo – billed annually.

If you’re interested in learning more about, you can check out our detailed review by clicking here. Free has a free tier of service that allows you to create a list of tasks and gives you reminders, but it’s very limited otherwise.

For Free users, there is only one task to share, recurring tasks are limited, and location-based reminders are not available.

In addition to the 1.5MB file upload limit, there is also no focus mode, Zapier integration, and only 5 moments are allowed per month. Premium

In the free version, you’ll find all the core features that you need to get your day organized, but the Premium features will give you an extra boost of productivity.

By upgrading to Premium, You can gain access to Focus Mode, Color Tags for easy prioritizing, Location-based Reminders, and Advanced Recurring Reminders.

As part of the premium plan, you will also be able to create tasks and reminders from ongoing WhatsApp conversations.

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