Top PowerAdSpy Alternatives (PAID AND FREE)

PowerAdSpy Alternatives
PowerAdSpy Alternatives

While PowerAdSpy provides real-time, high precision ad monitoring for almost all popular advertising platforms you’ll ever interact with.

Many other tools exist with similar features that accomplish the same goals for different audiences, but with a different approach and price point.

The following PowerAdSpy alternatives should be able to help, whether you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, or you’d like to try a different interface.

If you’d like to learn more about PowerAdSpy and what it offers, you can also check out our detailed review here.


1. AdSpy – Paid

AdSpy - PowerAdSpy's Alternative
AdSpy – PowerAdSpy’s Alternative

PowerAdspy is perfect for startups and small businesses, while AdSpy is best for companies with more experience with advertising.

Using AdSpy’s search and filter functionality, you can narrow down your searches from a large database of advertisements based on its intuitive interface and the number of features it offers.

Compared to PowerAdSpy, AdSpy’s pricing is much simpler, offering all the features for a price of $149 per month.

2. BigSpy – Free

BigSpy - PowerAdSpy's Alternative
BigSpy – PowerAdSpy’s Alternative

BigSpy is a freemium ad research tool that provides you with all the statistics you’ll need to launch your marketing campaigns with an ad spy tool.

It has a big database which means you can find inspiration for your ads from thousands of ads creatives available relatively easier.

Additionally, it has the ability to track the effectiveness of the ads and display a daily trend of their performance, so you won’t have to manually search again or miss any crucial information. 

3. AdPlexity – Paid

AdPlexity - PowerAdSpy's Alternative
AdPlexity – PowerAdSpy’s Alternative

Using AdPlexity, You can find and download marketing materials directly, as it offers a multitude of information about advertisements from hundreds of countries.

AdPlexity’s best feature might be the fact that it is compatible with web, desktop, native, drive, and other popular forms of advertising.

As with AdSpy, AdPlexity also offers a simple pricing plan for $149 per month that offers all the features.

4. SpyPush – Paid

SpyPush - PowerAdSpy's Alternative
SpyPush – PowerAdSpy’s Alternative

SpyPush is yet another ad research tool that comes with a free trial, and its UI is intuitive and easy to use for both experts and beginners. 

To create killer converting ads, you don’t have to spend time pondering the type of concept you need to use. SpyPush provides a wide range of creative options and advertising ideas.

You can also track ads from a wide range of social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. 

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