Infusionsoft Survey Decision Diamond

Thanks for filling that out!

Here’s your first lesson in Infusionsoft: Decision Diamond.

It’s a very powerful feature in Infusionsoft which you’ll be using a lot. It allows you to put contacts into different sequences based on actions (or lack thereof).

I have used the survey you just filled out to put you in different sequences. You can use the decision diamond to decide whether you should be presenting an offer (based on lead score, based on whether they’re already a customer, whether they’ve been presented with the same offer before or whether they’re currently being presented with an offer), whether they’re an active customer etc. The possibilities really are endless.

I encourage you to play around with this feature if you haven’t done so already 😉

Try this:

Create a survey which asks a Yes/No question. If you choose “Yes”, put them in a “Yes” sequence. If they choose “No”, put them in “No” sequence.

You can see how the funnel looks like at the moment here:

Infusionsoft Decision Diamond
Infusionsoft Decision Diamond


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