DashThis Review

DashThis app Review


What is DashThis?

DashThis is a marketing analytics, reporting, and monitoring tool that combines all of your vital marketing data into one place.

With all of the digital marketing reporting tools that are out there in the market, it can be hard to decide which one to use. With DashThis, you get all of your marketing analytics in one digital dashboard.

From gathering data to building reports, visualizing data to sharing it – Just like that! It is fast and easy for both you and your end-users.

It provides you with fast, visually compelling reports so you can make better decisions fast, without having to switch between a million tools.

Essential DashThis Features

Marketing analysis and reporting is no easy task. The sheer amount of information and data out there is overwhelming and can make you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of leftovers. 

Luckily, DashThis makes it easy to stay afloat — and succeed — by simplifying the entire process with its plethora of helpful features.

DashThis All-in-one dashboard

When you can do everything inside one dashboard, reporting and analyzing marketing data becomes much easier. DashThis makes that possible.

DashThis combines all the data you need in one customizable dashboard, so you don’t have to hop from one platform to another.

You will have access to all of your KPIs and your entire data with over 34 connected integrations and custom-data management features integrated into one dashboard.

dashthis automated dashboard
DashThis – All-in-One Dashboard

DashThis Integrations

When you’re working on a project, the more tools you can use at once, the better — and that’s where DashThis shines. 

With over 34 native integrations and an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, DashThis lets you easily see your data from multiple marketing platforms at once.

With Dashthis, you can display your Shopify, Google Ads, and Twitter data, all in a single report. And the list goes on and on!

Dashthis native integrations
DashThis – Integrations

DashThis Dashboard Templates

It’s frustrating and time consuming to create marketing reports from scratch. 

Rather than requiring you to sit down and create one from scratch, DashThis provides you with preset dashboard templates that make it easier to generate fully fleshed-out reports right away.

You can start with pre-made marketing templates that are developed by DashThis experts, and then customize it to meet your needs. You can also create your own templates and reuse them over and over again!

DashThis - Templates & Presets
DashThis – Templates & Presets

DashThis Automated Sharing

Automation is the cornerstone of a successful marketing operation. With DashThis’ automated sharing, you will no longer have to manually send reports to your team or clients.

With multiple options for sharing reports, your team and your clients will always have your results at their fingertips.

Whether you want to send a report via email, save it as a PDF, or share a password-protected URL, DashThis can handle it for you.

dashthis automated sharing
DashThis – Automatic Report Sharing

DashThis Data Sources

Keeping all your data in one place is critical when it comes to reporting, and DashThis allows you to do that since it allows you to add unlimited data sources to your dashboards.

You can add as many client accounts as you want, and you can also add as many users as you want so your team has access to all the data.

Each dashboard on DashThis can be customized with as many data sources, pages, accounts, and integrations as needed.

dashthis data sources
DashThis – Multiple Data Sources

DashThis Dashboard Customization

You can have a clean, pretty visualization of your data, but if you want a more white label solution, then you can take advantage of their customization feature.

All of DashThis’ pre-built dashboard templates can be enhanced with advanced customizations.

With the custom widget editor, you can display data the way you want and include custom logos, headers, and footers, as well as comments and annotations.

Dashthis customization
DashThis – Dashboard Customization

DashThis Pros & Cons

While DashThis is dedicated to helping marketers save hours of work, there are a few downsides that should be noted, as well as many benefits. 


  • You can create dashboards using any combination of digital marketing tools with DashThis, so it’s ideal for agencies and in-house marketing departments alike.
  • WhiteLabel functionality is also available with DashThis, which allows you to add your own logo, your own color theme, or have a completely white-labeled design.
  • Dashthis also offers the ability to add comments and annotations to reports to explain what they mean, or to explain what your clients are seeing on a particular section.
  • All plans include unlimited access to all integrations, unlimited data sources, and the ability to add unlimited users and clients.


  • In spite of being easy to use, it takes time to become familiar with all its features and to unlock its full potential.

DashThis Pricing

In terms of pricing, DashThis offers several plans, each offering the same features and only differing in the number of dashboards.

  • Individual – $39/mo
  • Professional – $129/mo
  • Business – $249/mo
  • Standard – $399/mo
  • Enterprise – $599/mo
dashthis pricing plan
DashThis – Pricing Structure

DashThis’ pricing is clear and straightforward, and it also offers a 15-day trial period so you can test its full capabilities and decide whether it’s right for your business.

Aside from that, all the features are available right from your trial and on any of the plans you choose with the only difference being in the number of Dashboards in each plan.

DashThis Alternatives

dashthis alternatives
DashThis Alternatives

Though DashThis is one the most widely used marketing reporting solution, there are a number of DashThis alternatives you can try.

You can find more information on these options on the DashThis Alternatives page.

DashThis Review Conclusion

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Having real-time access to the performance of your marketing campaign is vital to being able to adjust your tactics and strategies accordingly and making the most out of it.

With DashThis, you can not only do this but also create automated reports easily with its drag and drop builder and even share them automatically.

You can collate all your data sources in one report with DashThis, add unlimited users to your account, and top it off with responsive customer support.

If you’re in search of a marketing reporting tool that does it all, you should check out DashThis with a Free Trial.

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