PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans
PowerAdSpy Pricing

In terms of pricing, PowerAdSpy offers six different pricing plans, each tailored for a different type of user, and there is also a 10-day risk-free trial available that allows you to test out the tool and see if it fits.

  • Basic – $49/mo
  • Standard – $99/mo
  • Premium – $149/mo
  • Platinum – $249/mo
  • Titanium – $299/mo
  • Palladium – $349/mo

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PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans
PowerAdSpy Pricing

The plans vary in the platforms they support and other features, so depending on the social media platform you are advertising on, you can select any package that suits your needs.


Free Trial

For a period of 10 days, you can test out each of the advertising platforms supported for free by running up to 100 searches supporting up to 1000 ads.

Basic Plan

The basic plan costs $49 per month and only supports Facebook as the main platform, however you can do as many searches as you want.

Standard Plan

The Standard plan will cost you $99 per month and offers Facebook and Instagram as channels for ad research as well as several other features included in the Basic plan.

Premium Plan

For $149 a month, the Premium Plan adds YouTube as well as the channels that were included in earlier plans, along with support for eCommerce platforms, funnels, etc.

Platinum Plan

In addition to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the Platinum plan, priced at $249 per month, also adds Google to the list of supported channels along with features from the previous plans.

Titanium Plan

In addition to all the features from previous plans, the Titanium plan costs $299 per month and also supports native channels, as well as Google, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Palladium Plan

Besides all the features from the previous plan, the Palladium plan costs $349 per month and offers support for channels like Google, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, and more.

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