Adzooma Review

Adzooma Review
Adzooma Review


What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is a free award-winning digital marketing solution that’s packed with all the tools needed to automate and monitor advertising campaigns faster and more effectively.

The process of executing and managing advertising campaigns can be challenging. As a result, Adzooma is a viable option to consider.

It offers a host of features that cover both day-to-day tasks as well as more complex ones, such as listing management, customizable reporting, and more.

Adzooma puts all the power you need to manage ad campaigns at your fingertips.

Essential Adzooma Features

Managing advertising campaigns is a challenging task that requires tons of time and resources just to keep up, luckily Adzooma can help make it easier.

Whether you are trying to build your own advertising agency or manage your current campaigns, Adzooma provides you with everything that you will ever need.

Adzooma Proposal Builder

Adzooma lets you create and modify campaigns, add new ads, ad groups, and keywords without having to leave the platform.

With Adzooma’s intuitive proposal builder, anyone can build new marketing campaigns in seconds.

You can set up AdWords, Microsoft, and Facebook campaigns all from one screen with Adzooma, which provides a super-clean and easy-to-use interface.

Adzooma's Proposal Builder
Adzooma’s Proposal Builder

Adzooma Academy

With Adzooma Academy you can expand your knowledge and equip your business with the information, resources, and skills it needs to grow.

The academy offers an array of videos and written courses covering a wide range of topics and levels of online marketing, from getting started to advanced content marketing.

You can take the digital marketing courses as and when you want, allowing you to advance your skills at your own pace.

Adzooma Academy
Adzooma Academy

Adzooma Custom Reporting

Adzooma lets you track all your internet marketing campaigns, analyze the performance of your ads, and make informed decisions quickly with smart insights and reporting.

With this feature, you can easily create beautiful and intuitive reports using templates and customized branding based on the desired data.

With Adzooma, you can easily see the results of all your marketing efforts, allowing you to manage campaigns more effectively.

Adzooma custom reports
Adzooma Customizable Reporting

Adzooma PPC Performance

Adzooma provides a detailed breakdown of the success of your campaigns, scored from 100, so you can ensure your budget is targeted appropriately and generate the best ROI.

In addition to the expert scoring, there are suggested actions that can be taken to improve your performance over time.

Using PPC Performance reports, you can maximize the clicks, conversions, and sales of your online campaigns, resulting in the best possible return on your investments.

Adzooma PPC Performance
Adzooma PPC Performance

Adzooma Listing Management

Making sure your business information is up to date, accurate and consistent across dozens of different platforms and directories can be a nightmare. Well, not anymore.

You can update, publish, and monitor relevant information regarding your business across 50+ platforms using Adzooma.

Your business information, such as opening hours, location and address, phone number, and more can be updated all from one place.

Adzooma Listing Management
Adzooma Listing Management

Adzooma Review Management

Adzooma makes it incredibly easy to manage customer reviews, allowing you to acquire new customers, increase sales, and build loyalty.

You can improve your relationship with your customers and your business by empowering yourself with the ability to collect feedback from them.

In one centralized location, you can request new reviews from your customers via email, text, or QR code, and manage those reviews across multiple platforms for your business.

Adzooma Review Management
Adzooma Review Management

Adzooma Pros and Cons

While Adzooma offers many benefits for your business, there are also some drawbacks to consider before deciding to use this platform.

Let’s have a look at what makes this software an effective marketing solution as well as how it has room for improvement.


  • Adzooma’s AI-powered platform gathers and analyzes website data automatically – the software does the work for you, saving you time and money.
  • Using Adzooma, campaigns can be automated and performance can be monitored on more than 60 different advertising networks in just minutes.
  • With Adzooma, you can manage, optimize, and track multiple Google, Facebook, and Microsoft campaigns from one place.
  • You can sign up at Adzooma for free with no credit card needed, and they provide dedicated customer support.


  • Adzooma does not currently offer an API but has a whitelist that you can sign up for to receive updates.

Adzooma Pricing

Adzooma Pricing
Adzooma Pricing

Adzooma’s pricing plan is simple and easy to understand. There are two different levels of pricing, one free and one paid, so you can determine if the platform is right for you.

  • Adzooma Essentials – Free
  • Adzooma Plus – £69/mo

With Adzooma essentials, you can use the service for free for as long as you like. There is no time limit, and no trial period, it is completely free.

By upgrading to Adzooma Plus, you’ll get everything you get with the Essentials tier plus additional features like SEO insights, additional templates, and more.

You can read more about the pricing plans and the key features offered by them on our Adzooma pricing page.

Adzooma Alternatives

Adzooma Alternatives
Adzooma Alternatives

Adzooma is a platform that is designed to help you manage your ads on different platforms and make them more effective.

In addition to Adzooma, you can consider other options to maximize your marketing budget in order to increase your revenue and profit.

Whatever your needs are, there are many marketing software alternatives out there that may meet your needs better.

If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can check our detailed breakdown of these Adzooma Alternatives here.

Adzooma Review Conclusion

Keeping up with all your advertising campaigns can be overwhelming and can even hinder your results; that’s where Adzooma comes into play.

With Adzooma, you can leverage artificial intelligence to intelligently manage all your advertising campaigns, reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to run them.

When it comes to advertising, Adzooma is the smart digital marketing platform designed to help you accomplish more while spending less!

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