Breezy HR Review

breezy hr review


What is Breezy HR?

Breezy is a web-based recruiting platform that helps you prepare for, screen, and hire new team members without having to bounce from place to place.

When it comes to improving your business, hiring the right talent is everything. But hiring is hard, no matter which way you slice it.

Breezy HR can help with that. As an efficient applicant tracking system, it allows you to manage your employee pipeline from sourcing to hiring in order to hire the best talent faster.

It helps businesses take control of their hiring processes and become more efficient in the process.

Essential Breezy Features

Hiring employees is no easy task. This process can be simplified, however, thanks to the helpful suite of features offered by Breezy HR.

Breezy Candidate Management

Breezy lets you streamline your entire hiring process, so you can spend more time on what really matters: getting to know the candidate and ensuring they’re the right fit for your business.

With its drag-and-drop pipeline, Breezy simplifies the hiring process, and it also provides rich candidate profiles with automated stage actions. 

Additionally, you can pre-screen candidates and evaluate them using scorecards, assign tasks to candidates, and do automated background checks.

Breezy Candidate Management

Breezy Reporting & Analytics

Organizing the hiring process in an efficient manner is instrumental in revolutionizing the workplace.

You can achieve this with Breezy, and get a clearer picture of your hiring process.

Breezy gives you insights into applicants’ applications, interview performance, and offers hiring funnels, and source reports so you can improve your process and make informed decisions.

Breezy Reporting & Analytics

Breezy Candidate Scheduling

Wouldn’t you be able to accomplish more in less time if you automated your candidate scheduling process? Breezy can help to make that happen.

With Breezy you can send automated emails, SMS messages, interview reminders, and schedule hires in just one click.

Emails and SMS messages can be sent to candidates, and you can also automate and bulk communicate with candidates using templates that streamline the interview process.

Breezy Candidate Scheduling

Breezy Job Advertisements

As a recruiter, your time is valuable and you shouldn’t waste it manually posting job advertisements on multiple job boards.

Instead, you should use automation so that your time isn’t being wasted on repetitive tasks and let Breezy do the job for you.

Using breezy, you can post your job to over 50 free job boards relevant to your area and role with just a single click, and track the number of views and visits you get from each source.

Breezy Job Advertisements

Breezy Candidate Sourcing

Your business’ growth depends on hiring the right people, but conducting an effective job search requires a lot of effort and time.

Breezy’s advanced talent search features give you instant access to millions of professional profiles based on the background, skills, and geography you’re looking for.

You can engage with your visitors, collect their contact details and resume and add them to your pool of candidates automatically using the AI-powered hello messenger.

Breezy Candidate Sourcing

Breezy Team Collaboration

Recruiting as a solo operation is hard and time-consuming. But at the heart, it’s teamwork that can make all the difference in successfully discovering great talent.

With Breezy, you can get your team involved early and efficiently while hiring better candidates faster.

It also allows you to discuss and vet candidates in real-time, displays custom scorecards, and allows you to stay up-to-date even when you’re on the go.

Breezy Team Collaboration

Breezy HR Pros & Cons

When it comes down to it, you don’t know if something is useful if you don’t understand how it works, what it does, and what its limitations are. Here are some pros and cons of this tool.

Breezy HR Pros

  • With breezy, you can automate processes such as delivering candidate emails, scheduling, SMSs, and interview management that otherwise require a lot of time.
  • Breezy has a clean, easy-to-use interface that helps you automate the hiring process and streamline your recruitment.
  • With multiple integrations, such as Zapier, Slack, and more, Breezy HR allows you to automate your work and maximize your productivity.
  • Breezy’s Customer Support team is very responsive and accommodating, no matter the issue – from product troubleshooting to billing changes.

Breezy HR Cons

  • When it comes to the cost of Breezy HR, small business owners are likely to feel the pain – especially if they want all the options.

Breezy HR Pricing

Breezy offers four different pricing plans, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

  • Bootstrap – Free
  • Startup – $171/mo
  • Growth – $299/mo
  • Business – $479/mo
Breezy HR Pricing

Bootstrap is a free plan that consists of all the basic features allowing one position or pool. On the other hand, the Startup plan allows for an enhanced hiring experience with unlimited users and candidates.

In addition to everything the Startup Plan offers, the Growth Plan offers Hello Messenger, automated reference checking, and customizable scorecards and interview guides.

Business plans include all the features of the other plans, plus integration with other solutions, HRMS software, job approvals, candidate comparisons, and candidate nurture campaigns.

Breezy HR Alternatives

Breezy isn’t the only option, there are certainly others that offer similar benefits at competitive prices. Among the options are:

  • Greenhouse
  • JazzHR
  • ClearCompany
  • Zoho Recruit

Breezy HR Review Conclusion

When you’re trying to hire great talent for your startup or business, you’ll likely face challenges.

However, with Breezy, getting new hires onboard doesn’t have to be so painful. it makes recruiting easy and enjoyable, not a week-long nightmare.

Breezy helps you get more interviews scheduled, accepted, tracked, emailed/texted through SMS, followed up with automatically – all while keeping your pipeline full of quality candidates.

With Breezy, you & your hiring team have the power to build & optimize your hiring process, no matter how big or small.

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