Learning Solidity

I’ve started learning solidity for fun.

There seems to be endless possibilities from making smart contracts for Flash Loans to creating NFTs which I’ve found very exciting.

It turns out that just as in (legacy?) financial markets, you have similar opportunities for making money like carry trades.

There are many DeFi protocols you can choose from to execute your strategy. You can see just a few of the DeFi possibilities here.

And just like in financial markets, front running with bots is an issue and driving up transaction (gas) fees on DeFi exchanges. You can see the significance of the issue by looking at the extracted MEV here. There’s an interesting paper written about the new “flash boys“.

You can read more about it here:

  • https://samczsun.com/escaping-the-dark-forest/
  • https://extropy-io.medium.com/illuminating-the-dark-forest-748d915eeaa1

I’ve found a bunch of courses (some were a waste of money but had nice discord communities), games, YouTube courses, and reading through the Solidity documentation.

I’ve also brushed up on my Javascript, started learning React, and will look more at NextJS once I’m feeling more comfortabke.

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