Enhancing ChatGPT: The Top Add-ons and Plugins

All the rage is around ChatGPT at the moment. And for good reason.

ChatGPT is an incredible language processing system that can imitate natural language and carry out different language processing tasks. We’re still in the early days and I’m sure we’ll see this area evolve very rapidly.

To help you make the most out of ChatGPT, I’ve listed some useful plugins and add-ons to make ChatGPT even more powerful.



AIPRM is a chrome extension that’s great for people working in marketing.

When you load ChatGPT, it’ll come preloaded with a list of curated prompt templates for optimizing content.

With AIPRM, you can use ChatGPT for keyword research, produce an FAQ, cluster a list of keywords, marketing research and a lot more.

seo with chatgpt

URL: https://www.aiprm.com/

ChatGPT for Google

If you look on Twitter, you’d think that ChatGPT is about to spell the end of Google Search.

I think that both Google Search and ChatGPT are incredibly useful tools and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have both results being displayed simultaneously.

That’s where ChatGPT for Google comes in.

URL: https://chatgpt4google.com/

The downside is that it you see all of your Google searches get mixed in with your chats on the side bar of ChatGPT. I think it’d be nice to be able to choose when you want ChatGPT results there and to automatically delete the Google searches from ChatGPT’s history.

ChatGPT Writer

With ChatGPT Writer, you can quickly and easily write emails faster.

You can use this extension to generate entire emails or messages with just a few keywords.

You can also generate replies easily.

URL: https://chatgptwriter.ai/

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

Get a summary of YouTube videos with Glasp’s ChatGPT plugin.

The way it works is that it takes video’s transcript and then puts it into a ChatGPT chat to summarize it.

An opportunity for improvement here would be to take the whole transcript (it gets cut off) and to have it summarized on the same screen rather than open a new tab.

URL: YouTube Summary

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

Discover, share, import, and use the best prompts for ChatGPT.

Essentially just a list of prompts.

URL: ChatGPT Prompt Genius

Superpower ChatGPT

Having the prompt library and being able to search it is nice.

URL: Superpower ChatGPT


Make your ChatGPT look better.


I’m still playing around with integrating AI more into my workflow and processes generally to improve my productivity.

For more AI tools generally, check out my previous post.

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