Infusionsoft Double Opt In Email Tutorial

Learn how to set up a double opt in sequence in Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder and using Legacy.


Single Opt In Vs Double Opt In

I know a lot of Infusionsoft users that are using single opt ins and a lot that use double opt ins. Which one you use is ultimately up to you. If you don’t know which you should use, you can try testing it. If you’re on the fence, I would suggest the double opt in option.

Infusionsoft Double Opt In vs Single Opt In

You can test it by splitting your traffic to different forms using a tool like Leadpages or Visual Website Optimizer.

Then see which sequence gives you the best end result. What I’ve found works best for me is the “soft” double opt in where they opt in and then get several reminders to keep opting in. I’ve found that I do get a more responsive list if I do this and a higher deliverability rate. Also, if you’re consistently delivering to non-existent email addresses, that gets picked up pretty quickly and you’ll start to see your emails skipping the Inbox more often.

Now in some niches, people for whatever reason are going to be against confirming their email addresses so it does depend on the kind of audience you’re working with sometimes. So, you should test, test, test to see what works best for you. Now let’s get started setting up our double opt in in Infusionsoft.

Setting Up Double Opt In Sequence in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

To set up the double opt in sequence, you simply drag an opt in form and then the “Email Confirmation” onto the Campaign Builder.
Email Confirmation in Infusionsoft

Then you add the sequence you want to use after they confirm their email (which would be the “Untitled Sequence” in the image above).

You can send out another reminder email if they didn’t confirm the first time by dragging another “Email Confirmation” onto the Campaign Builder area:
Double Email Confirmation

Then you simply connect the first Email Confirmation Request to the second:

Second Email Reminder
When you go inside of the Email Confirmation Request sequence, you’ll see something like this:
Email Confirmation Request

You can’t change the order here but you can change the timer at the end. So, if you want Infusionsoft to wait 3 days and then send the reminder at 8 a.m. on a working day, then the above is how you would set it up.

Finally, if they confirm their email on the reminder, we want them to go to the same sequence.

We just need to drag the arrow from “Confirm Email” to the “Untitled Sequence”:

Confirm Email Sequence

Now let’s go to the actual confirmation email which looks like this:
Confirmation Email

The only thing you’ll be able to change here is the Subject line and the text above the confirmation text — which isn’t too bad. But the problem is that when they click on the confirmation link, you have absolutely no control over that. You can’t redirect people or add any text. It’s literally just this:
Infusionsoft Email Confirmed

Customizing the Thank You Page

Unfortunately unlike most email marketing system, Infusionsoft doesn’t allow you to redirect (without hacking the thank you page outside of campaign builder) or edit the double opt in confirmation page.

If you really want to make some changes to the default confirmation page, then you’ll need to use Infusionsoft legacy. Beware that this can take a while to set up…

First, you’ll need to go to Marketing -> Settings:
Marketing Settings

Then go to Automation Links:
Automation Links

Then “Create Opt In”:
Create Opt In

Now you can customize what link text appears for the confirmation link. So whereas the standard confirmation says, “To confirm your request, please click here.”

You can modify it to say, “Get your Free Report and Confirm” for example.

Confirmation Text

Now click on “Confirmation Page Appearance”.
Confirmation Page Customization

You can now customize what content your subscriber will see after they press on the opt in link rather than seeing the default page. Advanced Tip: although you can’t use merge fields in the body section, you can use it in the Opt In Header field (where it says ~Company.Company~). So if you need anything passed, you can put it in the header and then get that information using Javascript in the body section (thanks to Keith Perhac for the tip!).

I track video engagement sometimes so when the user clicks the confirmation link after they first opt in, they get redirected to a lesson page with their Infusion ID included so video engagement is recorded.

Now you’ll need to save and close and then go to “Action Sets”
Infusionsoft Action sets

Now we “Add an Action Set”


Now add a new action “Send an email, fax, etc.”
Add Email to Action Set

Then we add an Email Template where we will add what the Email Template we’re going to use to send our confirmation email.


Go to Edit Email Body


Now click on “Links” and then you’ll see a list of automation links there. You should find the Double Opt In link that you created:


Click Insert to put it in your email body. It will display whatever text you chose when you created the Double Opt In Link.

When you save the template, make sure that you save it in the Double Opt In emails:

Now after you save the email, add another action in the action set. Here we want to add a “tag” so that when they opt in, they get tagged immediately. I’ve named mine “Email Confirmed and Send Report”

The reason we do this is so that we can use it in our Campaign Builder. Also, if you do the entire sequence in legacy, it can take up to an hour before the recipient gets their initial email.
Add Tag


Finishing In the Campaign Builder

Now set up your sequence so that you’ve got the form and a sequence:

Inside the sequence, add the action set that you created:
action set added to sequence

Now you’ll need to create a goal in campaign builder which is triggered by the tag that you created. So in my case it was, “Email Confirmed and Send Report”.
Double Opted In

What’s going to happen is that if they click on the confirmation link, it will put them into the new sequence immediately because they’re going to have the tag, “Email Confirmed and Send Report” applied and then they’ll go into the new sequence which we’ve designed. You can use this method also to keep sending reminder emails.

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6 thoughts on “Infusionsoft Double Opt In Email Tutorial”

    1. Fatima, I know this is pretty old but in case someone else has the same question 🙂

      To find the Marketing Settings area you will look at the top left of your screen when you are logged in to your Infusionsoft app. Next to the Logo there is a little dropdown arrow. When you click it a bunch of menu items will show up.

      Across the new menu items will be headings of CRM, Marketing and Admin (and possibly a couple of others). Under each of the headings is a short list of items. Under each short list (along the bottom of the dropdown section) it will say Reports on one side of the row and settings on the other.

      The Marketing Settings is at the bottom of the column titled Marketing. next to the word Reports.

      Clicking on that word (Settings) will take you to a new page.

      The new page will have a menu along the left side of the screen.

      The 4th item down will say Action Sets. It looks like a blue link and is just below Automation links.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  1. Is there any way to make it so that they aren’t tagged until the opt-in link is clicked? Unless I’ve followed these instructions incorrectly, they are tagged as soon as they are sent their opt-in email…

    1. Cameron,

      You might actually want to do both. 🙂

      One tag that they opted in. and another tag that they confirmed.

      The reason is, if you do not tag them when they opt in initially they you may end up with a bunch of people in your app that you have no idea how they got there.

      Not everyone will click the double optin link (for various reasons). So if they get nothing until they clicked it and they never do you will just have them floating randomly around your app.

      You can even set it to one Link (Optin – Unconfirmed) and then when they click the confirmation link have it set to remove the Unconfirmed link and add the Confirmed link.

      (This is how I do it) This way you can see the numbers as to how many are opting in and then never clicking the link to move forward in your process.

      Have a great evening,

  2. Actually, I think I figured it out…

    The ‘tag’ action needs to be placed in the Automation Link area not in the Action Set area of the process above.

  3. Thanks for this tutorial. Is there any way to send multiple optin reminder emails, if they don’t confirm the first time? IS won’t let me stop a legacy action sequence with a goal. Is there a way? Thanks!!

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