Logseq Review [2022]

Note-Taking Introduction

I love taking notes and I’ve been using all kinds of systems including Roam Research (which I use the most), Obsidian, Evernote, among others. I’m combining the ideas from Zettelkasten (with influence from Andy Matuschak on Evergreen Notes), progressive summarization and others to a rough system that works for me.

I stumbled upon Logseq recently (which is very heavily influenced by Roam Research) and have started testing it out.

logseq review

Logseq vs Roam Research


  • Daily Notes
  • Backlinks
  • Right Sidebar
  • Graph View
  • Block Referencing & Embeds

The things that Logseq has that Roam doesn’t:

  • Privacy focused (notes are stored locally in markdown format)
  • Flash Cards
  • Space Repetition
  • PDF Highlighter
  • Logseq is free

I’ve noticed quite a lot of Roam Research users heading over to Logseq mainly because of security and the fact that it’s free.

The things that Roam has which Logseq doesn’t:

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