Upviral (Viral Referral Platform by Wilco de Kreij) Review

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Have you ever wished that you could go viral and have the same kind of success that large brands such as Dropbox or Dollar Shave Club had?

If your business is not as developed and profitable as you want it to be, you might want to try to promote it with a viral recommendation software.

This is where UpViral can make a big difference.


Introducing UpViral

For those of you that aren’t familiar with UpViral, I’ll introduce it to you through this review. UpViral is a cloud-based tool for creating viral competitions, giveaways, and sweepstakes. It can basically help you expand your customer base and increase your profit.


How to use it?

The main selling proposition of UpViral is to create viral referral marketing campaign. You can do this by letting your customers or subscribers do your marketing for you by letting them advertise your product or website. If you have the right kind of customer base, you can have an army of fans sharing your website in order to collect points which can later on be used for getting free gifts. Upviral makes doing this very easy. It supports the main social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The logic of this is quite compelling since your business has the chance to go viral and the customers who shared it will get a prize. It’s a win-win situation. However, if you don’t have a great product to start off with, then it’ll be difficult for you to gain traction with the viral effect.


What can UpViral do for me?

You can use UpViral to grow your business in numerous ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Award your leads points for sharing your proposal on social media. Points collected unlock your offers and you can decide what the points will be used for. With UpViral, you get full control of the system.
  • Run your own contests. Manage your leads and explain that they have a higher chance of winning if they get more friends to sign up for no cost at all.
  • One of the most practical aspects of UpViral is that it can integrate into your existing campaign of web pages and lead generating funnels.
  • UpViral has an automated system which will allow you to automatically follow up with your leads.
  • The greatest thing about UpViral is that it delivers rewards automatically as soon as your leads collect enough points.


Advantages of using UpViral

There are a few advantages of using UpViral.

One, you can easily run Viral contests and campaigns which can allow your website to go viral relatively quickly and easily. Dropbox has used the same kind of system to go from 100k to 4 million users and counting.

Two, UpViral has integrations with most of the social media platforms and most of the autoresponders.

Three, Upviral has optimized its app to be as practical as possible. It is fully mobile optimized, has a nice dashboard and ready templates for landing and thank you pages.

Four, UpViral has put in the effort to offer some training and support inside their Learning Center which is a nice feature to have.


UpViral Alternatives

Surprisingly, there aren’t any direct competitors to UpViral. The closest alternative to UpViral would be List-Spark which is focused on viral email list building. Considering the amount of features and choices that you have with Upviral, it’s difficult to make a like for like comparison with other alternatives.


UpViral Pricing

As far as the UpViral pricing is concerned, you can subscribe to UpViral for either a monthly fee of $35 for the Standard version and $49 for the pro version. The prices for annual subscription are lower. The standard works out to being $25 and for the pro version $35 per month.

Some of the features you get when you subscribe to the standard version include unlimited use of Viral giveaways, contest and subscribers. You also get unlimited autoresponder integrations and email automation and notifications. UpViral offers their standard users full email support and advanced fraud detection. The final feature of the standard version is that you can export CSV files.

With pro subscription, you get all of the features a standard user has, plus 3 email logins with better email support, one click signup/share links, and Split Testing. You will also get unlimited custom domains and the option of retargeting pixel support.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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