Best Practices for Optimizing a Landing Page for Google Ads

For very competitive keywords on Google Ads, you’ll generally find that the cost per click is very high. In the case of some of the SaaS clients that I’ve worked with, they’ve been as high as $75 for just one click!

To bring down the cost of acquisition as well as CPC, it’s best to have dedicated landing pages for highly competitive search terms on Google.

This will not only bring down your CPC rate but also get you better conversions.

In general, you want to have something that is highly specific to the search term and the search intent.

It’s good to consider the frame of mind that the user is in when they’re typing in their search query — the conversation that’s going through their head.

To make this a bit clearer, let’s go through an example.


Landing Page Software Example

The first thing to do is to checkout the current Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for your targeted search term. Let’s use the keywords “Landing Page Software” as an example.

landing page software
Landing Page Software Search

Check out the current Google Ads (when it’s competitive, there will always be ads) and the landing page used for those ads.

You’ll see that for the first ad, Instapage is directing people to a dedicated landing page ( instead of the home page (

The second ad is a LIST of landing page software.

What Questions Do People Ask?

If you scroll down the SERP, you’ll see a list of questions that people often ask:

landing page questions
Landing page questions

You’ll see that the first question is, “What is the best landing page software?

Now if you look at the top organic search results for landing page software, you’ll see the following:

Landing Page Software
Organic Search Results for Landing Page Software

Search Intent

You have a list of “11 Best Landing Page Builder” and “4 Best Landing Page” at the top.

What does this say about the search intent?

That people are not decided. People are in the research phase.

That’s why Google is choosing to serve the list pages and review pages at the top — because it’s what users of the search term find the most useful. That’s also why it’s a good exercise to check who’s ranked the highest on Google’s organic search results.

Another useful exercise you can do with AHREFs is to see if there have been any major moves in the ranks. This can point to something that works particularly well.

ahrefs landing page
ahrefs SERP position history

In this case, you can see that Instapage has made a recent and rapid entry onto the list with the title, “The 17 Best Landing Page Software Tools for Marketers (2020).”

You can also see that the very first result uses an odd number of 11 as well. Not particularly creative but enough to be interesting for clicking.

Coming back to our own Google Ads, we’d start with some ideas for headlines.

The good news here is that they all look more or less the same. That gives you an opportunity to stand out by trying a different angle and capture more of the market.

If you felt lazy, you can use the same formula and say, 9 or 13 Best Landing Page Software Tools with a dedicated landing page for the Google Ad.

Or you can try something different.

Since we know what the search intent is, we can help that person along in their search process by answering the questions they have in their head.

Some ideas to start experimenting with:

  • 7 Must Haves for Landing Page Software
  • Elements of a Successful Landing Page
  • What Makes A Landing Page Convert?
  • Proven Landing Page Techniques
  • 9 Landing Pages That Made A Million Dollars

These are just a few headlines off the top of my head (you’re welcome to steal these).

The next step is to build the dedicated landing page.

The question as you’re building out the landing page is:

  • Is this what the searcher is looking for?
  • Am I helping the reader out in their research process?
  • Am I providing content that’s relevant and useful?
  • Am I helping the reader figure out what the “best landing page” software is?

The process for building your own landing page will be the same.

Do the research, figure out the search intent, come up with some ideas to experiment with, and then build the relevant landing pages.


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