Facebook Ads Conversion and Attribution

facebook ads reporting
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Are you relying only on Facebook Ads for your reporting?

If so, that can be a big mistake.

Here’s why

Tedious But Essential Attribution Understanding

Attribution is probably not the most exciting topic. But attribution is key to understanding your marketing and scaling efforts when it comes to paid advertising.

Facebook uses a last touch model.

In other words, credit is given to the last touch point.

The attribution window that Facebook uses is 28 day click / 1 day view which will change soon with the iOS14 update.

This means that as long as the purchase happens within 28 days of a click, it can still be attributed to the Facebook Ad which brought the click or within 1 day of the Facebook Ad impression.

If you’re selling landing page software and they click your Facebook Ad today but don’t purchase. Then they see your retargeting ad a few days later. If they purchase within 1 day of the retargeting ad, the attribution will go to the retargeting ad. On the other hand, if they purchase 2 days after the ad, then it will get credited to the original ad since it falls outside of the 1 day view window.

Facebook reports on the impression date rather than the conversion date.

This is why sometimes you’ll notice a discrepancy on sales between what you see in your internal sales reporting and your FB ad reporting.

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