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Updated: October 6, 2020


VidIQ Introduction

YouTube is an explosive growth channel. This is the best time to get started. It’s way easier to grow your YouTube subscriber base than any of the other channels at the moment including Facebook, Google SEO or Instagram. In this VidIQ Review, you’ll learn whether VidIQ is worth it for you. I’ll also share a bit about what I’ve done with my new YouTube channel.

If you already know that you want to use VidIQ, you can take advantage of my exclusive partner offer at the bottom of the page.

VidIQ for Subscriber Growth

I started a YouTube Channel during the pandemic this year to share what I’ve learned from making notes on Roam Research and threw up some of the explainer screencasts that I made.

I installed both TubeBuddy as a VidIQ alternative last year as well as VidIQ to see whether they’re any good and to compare them. They’re also both free to install as trials.

At the time when I was first using them, they seemed pretty similar. But the more I used both tools, the more I realized that VidIQ is a far more powerful tool.

It’s become an essential part of my YouTube toolkit in growing my different YouTube channels and it’s part of how I was able to go from 0 to 500 subscribers in a few months with videos here and there.

I kind of just left the videos there for a while but the great thing is that they kept on accumulating views and subscribers.

YouTube for eCommerce and Online Businesses

To have a successful eCommerce business means taking advantage of different marketing channels to reduce the risk of relying solely on one channel, which ultimately lead to more sales in the long run anyway.

It’s surprisingly common to hear about very successful eCommerce businesses (and online businesses generally) that crashed because they never thought to diversify their marketing channels outside of Facebook advertising and then their account gets shut down or costs started rising dramatically making it suddenly unprofitable. Almost everyone I know has had some issue or other with Facebook including ones that are spending 7 figures monthly on advertising.

While the main forms of paid acquisition includes Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads (SEO, search ads and sometimes display/GDN), YouTube should definitely be added to your arsenal. The great thing is that not a lot of people in eCommerce is using YouTube so you don’t have a ton of competition yet.

A lot more people search on YouTube for “how to” videos instead of using Google search. Adding YouTube to your eCommerce business is can be very beneficial and the earlier the better to start gaining some traction.

Using VidIQ To Gain Traction

To help you gain traction is where VidIQ comes into play.

VidIQ is a YouTube marketing tool that offers features to get you more views and higher rankings for your videos. VidIQ has a forever free version as well as a Pro, Boost & Boost+ version. 

The free version is a great way to test the waters with VidIQ and offers features such as: 

  • 1 user and channel: upload as many videos as you want to a single channel. 
  • Audience demographics. Learn about your subscribers: their age, gender, location, and other data.
  • Track 3 competitors: tools to make you aware of what others in your niche or industry are up to. 
  • Basic video analytics (for Web Suite):  latest views, minutes watched, subscribers, and other vital stats. 
  • Video Scorecard for Chrome extension: VidIQ Score to instantly see how your videos are performing.
  • 1 trend alerts with limited options. Trend alerts provide you with valuable insights on what topics to cover in your videos. 

VidIQ Pricing

vidiq pricing
VidIQ Pricing Plans

The Pro version of VidIQ offers an extended version of the basic plans with 6 competitor tracks, 1 trend alert, historical analysis (to learn how your videos are doing over time), find your top tweets for your videos, top trending videos (find out which videos in your niche are trending).

The Pro version starts at just $10.00 per month and can be good value if you’re just getting started.

If you’re serious about YouTube, then I think that the only plans worth considering are the Boost and Boost+ plans. I think it’s one of the best investments that you can make and I’ll explain why in a second.

The Boost Plan is $49.00 per month and it includes all the Pro features and more including optimization of your existing videos.

Boost+ is $499.00 per month you get priority support and a YouTube Expert one on one coaching call.

So why do I consider VidIQ such a good marketing investment?

Consider that some of the SEO tools I use like SEMRush costs $200 per month. I think that these tools are more than worth the money since they’re a big part of the reason why this blog is highly ranked for very valuable keyword terms.

But I consider VidIQ to be way better value for money. You get all of the YouTube insights that helps you rank and explode your YouTube channel above your competition on a growing tide. Everyone can take advantage of this growing platform regardless of whether you are only just now starting a channel from scratch or growing an existing channel.

For just an extra $300 on top of the monthly SEMRush price, you even get monthly coaching calls. That’s one on one customized to help you grow. That alone is worth the $500. VidIQ also gives you a systemized process that works in the form of checklists and making sure you’ve got all of your bases covered.

The bottom line is that VidIQ will be an instrumental tool in getting you more views for your YouTube videos and more exposure for your brand.

So how does VidIQ helps you do that?

YouTube SEO and Keyword tools

Just as keyword research, keyword intent and so on plays a huge role in Google SEO and getting ranked, so the same thing applies for your YouTube videos.

The features listed below help you optimize your YouTube videos so you can get more views and achieve higher rankings.

  • YouTube Keyword Tool – search for keywords in any niche and find out the number of views and subscribers as well as competition. VidIQ gives a Keyword Score that gives you an idea of a keyword’s value. 
  • Keyword Inspector – Provides you with even more keyword information such as related videos and interest over time. 
  • Inline Keywords – Reveals the tags used by your competitors. 
  • Keyword Translator – Translates your titles, descriptions, and tags into multiple languages to reach a global audience. 
  • Keyword Templates – Create tag templates that you can easily insert into any future videos. 

This is exactly how I ranked my own YouTube videos. I generally chose keyword searches that have high volume and medium to low competition which is something that VidIQ shows you in the form of a score.

VidIQ Score
Go for Low Hanging Fruit

Another important tool that VidIQ has is the Trends alert. Tracking trends so you can produce marketing videos that most people can relate to is crucial. With trend alerts, you get set email notification when certain topics are trending. You can pick a topic/niche you can track and find out what keywords are performing well on the trending topics you picked.

The Most viewed feature on VidIQ helps you track trends based on filters you set that is most appropriate to your vertical.

VidIQ offers a series of features you can use to track key metrics so you can optimize your videos and get the most out of them. Listed below are some examples. With VidIQ’s Scoreboard feature, you get instant access to all your important metrics: 

  • Overview of key data points: See views, views-per-hour, average view time, as well as the top countries and devices from where your videos are viewed.
  • Video Optimization Checklist: see a green check or red cross for factors such as title, tags, description, thumbnail, social media shares, and more. 
  • Channel analytics: Measure video performance in the context of your channel. Stats include total channel views and average daily views and subscribes. 
  • Historical data: Chart the performance of any video from the time it was uploaded to the present. 
  • Related videos: See related videos that are trending. 
  • Best time of day: Identify the optimal times for uploading your videos.
  • Productivity tools:  Comment templates and bulk editing for cards and End Screens. 
  • Learn about subscribers: Find out which videos and channels your audience is watching in addition to yours. 
  • Real Time Stats Bar:The Real Time Stats Bar lets you see the most up-to-date numbers on views and subscribers. You’ll see a graph as well as metrics broken down by the hour and day. You can track how a video is trending over any time period, right up to the present moment. 

Another great tool that you might have seen when looking at YouTube videos are these super creative, attention grabbing thumbnails. If you ever wondered how people make them, look no further. VidIQ has a Thumbnail generator you can customize by adding texts, pictures, font, borders, and so on.

Available on the Boost and Enterprise plans, Facebook Syndication is a VIdIQ features that lets you automatically download your YouTube videos on your Facebook page.

Are you currently on YouTube? If not, consider making YouTube one of your marketing media and save yourself time and money by using VidIQ.

You can get started now with the free plan to get a feel for the software before deciding whether to upgrade to the Pro or Boost plan.

Exclusive Offer For Readers Of This Blog

As a partner of VidIQ, I can get you 30 days on any plan for free exclusively, but only if you sign up here: https://vidiq.com/ruizhidong/

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