Using Checklists Within Roam Research

Roam Research Checklists

I find checklists generally to be super helpful.

When you’re uploading videos to YouTube for instance, you need to make sure that you’ve got a good thumbnail, keywords/tags, headline, body text etc.

It’s better not to rely on your memory each time you’re doing these things.

So it’s better to actually just have a list of the most important things in the form of a checklist.

Extraordinary results comes from doing ordinary things consistently.

You’ll see in the above screenshot that I’ve got a checklist for writing headlines on the sidebar.

It’s super useful when I’m creating the content within Roam Research and have the checklist on the side to make sure that I’m not missing anything.

I’m still working on building out my standard operating procedure within Roam Research and I’ll share that once I have some more on it.

Daily Routine with Roam Research

For things that repeat daily and that I want to actually check off, then I’ll create a page with the tasks (in this case, the [[Daily Routine]]).

Next, I can just load it up on the side bar and then copy it to the main page:

Repeatable Checklists

You can use this same approach for starting projects, running audits, and other activities that involve the same repeatable process.

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