Affiliate Dashboard

affiliate dashboard
An important sales channel: Affiliate Marketing

More and more software companies are recognizing the importance of affiliate marketing and having a strong SaaS affiliate dashboard.

The affiliate industry has been growing very rapidly and is estimated to be worth over $8 billion by 2022.

The growth has been a mixture of different industries including in eCommerce and software with brands expecting to spend around $15 billion in influencer marketing by next year.

Having an all in one affiliate marketing dashboard is growing in demand as publishers and influencers want everything in the one place.

Some of the dashboards include:

  • Partnerstack
  • FirstPromoter
  • TapAffiliate
  • Affluent
  • Stackr
  • Refersion

Affiliate Tracking

For any serious affiliate and performance marketer, having a good affiliate tracking dashboard is essential.

The purpose is to make the entities talk to each other and have good information flow between your traffic sources and revenue sources.

It also saves you from having to create multiple ads to experiment with each new landing page.

thrive tracker
Thrive Tracker — One of my favourite trackers for affiliate marketing

You can use trackers to filter out bot traffic, run split tests on your landing page as well as your offers, post back data to the traffic source, get accurate attribution information, and so on.

A handy website to get all the tracking tokens is TrackingTokens to use on your tracking links.

For example, for Taboola Ads, the tokens are:

1{campaign_id}Campaign ID
2{campaign_item_id}Campaign item ID
3{campaign_name}Name of the campaign
4{click_id}Unique ID of the click/impression
5{platform}Platform of used by visitor (desktop, tablet, mobile)
6{site}Site of the referring publisher
7{site_domain}Name of website or URL
8{site_id}Site ID
9{timestamp}Timestamp when ad was served
10{title}Title of the ad
11{thumbnail}Thumbnail ID of the image or video creative
Taboola Ads Tracking Tokens


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